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Diecast Tearing Down Your Blue Skies

01. Fire Damage MP3 02. Seize The Day 03. Torn From Within 04. Savior 05. Rise And Oppose 06. Sacrifice 07. Medieval 08. Traitor 09. These Days 10. Pendulum 11. Rebirth
2004 Century Media Records
Our score 3


Hardcore bands just don't have the integrity that metal bands do. Metal gave birth to metal. Hardcore gave birth to hardcore as well, but then it became a transvestite called metalcore, and much like transvestites themselves, it's not a style that ages very well for precisely that reason. It has forgotten where its roots lie, so it relies upon the latest sound to CTRL+C and CTRL+V on to some semblance of a hardcore skeleton, and then expect to take over the world. Well, and I make no apologies, transvestites will never take over the world. Some will be appreciated, but most will be ridiculed. And so goes the story of metalcore according to the trained musical ear. Diecast has become an abhorrent transvestite. When this album tries to sell me the evolution card, I don't buy it. When Diecast didn't hit it big in 2001, as they likely expected to with the Slipknot-influenced yet enjoyable Day Of Reckoning, original vocalist Colin Shleifer left the band to pursue other career opportunities. I was eager to see where the band would go from that point, so although I resented his departure, I have now completely written the band off and thus I wish Colin a prosperous career away from this soon-to-be cash machine. I say cash machine because of the blatant plagiarism the band commits in using Killswitch Engage as a prominent influence on "Fire Damage," "Torn From Within," "Savior," "Rise And Oppose," "Sacrifice," "Medieval," "Pendulum"... wait a second, that's almost the entire album! I rest my case. Cash machine because of the nauseating vocals that attempt to sound like the almighty Mike Patton, but instead come off sounding like the hermaphrodite child of Darryl Palumbo and Brandon Boyd of Glassjaw and Incubus, respectively. From the Perpetual War demo to Undo The Wicked to Day Of Reckoning, Diecast reinforced my interest in their musical vision with every release. Chunky, crushing riffs, rumbling double-bass, and punishing grooves were what Diecast became known by and were trusted to deliver. For only with such an approach could they have toured with Dying Fetus and All Out War in 2001, and having seen one show from the tour, I can attest to their belonging on it. Three years later, not only would they probably not be asked to tour with those bands, but they would probably be booed off when regurgitated Swedish riffs and embarrassing clean parts hit the audience's ears. New vocalist Paul Stoddard's mid-level scream sounds much like Colin's voice, but by unexpectedly breaking into the laughable clean vocals each song, it thus contributes to ruining nearly every song on the album. If one song could sum up the depths of mediocrity and homogeneity to which Diecast have sunk on this album, it's "These Days." In addition to its main riff plucking a note straight from Himsa's "When Midnight Breaks," it illustrates the band's complete transformation from a hardcore band to a Killswitch Engage cover act. One KSE is enough, two are not needed in this scene. Bottom Line: This album was written with the sole intention of appealing to the adolescent metalcore demographic, who by no coincidence comprise a large part of the future fanbase for this scene. Lyrics like those from "Torn From Within" illustrate my assertion: "I know we can't save the world, I will do my part, so let's get started. Say what you mean, mean what you say, throw your fist in the air." Sorry, but not a former Diecast fan nor a serious metal fan in general will buy that line. If you adore easy to headbang to Swedish riffs with one-chord Hatebreed breakdowns and did not fall in love with Diecast during their earlier state, then this album is for you. Unfortunately, considering how prominent Diecast was before Colin left, odds are the hardcore scene will not be very receptive to this album. In fact they may even take it as a serious insult, as I did.


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yo_ 12/3/2004 2:33:47 PM

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sadam_andler_ 12/3/2004 2:37:19 PM


zach_ 12/3/2004 2:55:27 PM

f*ck this band and their disturbed-esque "singing" parts!!!

Screamin Jay Hawkins_ 12/3/2004 2:57:18 PM

HEY! My mom is a transvestite!

mattmyblood_ 12/3/2004 3:21:30 PM

Diescast died a LOOOOONNGG time ago.

incircles_ 12/3/2004 3:28:49 PM

i never liked this band.

deadwithfear_ 12/3/2004 3:40:02 PM

this Mike Reinharz character is a pretentious polesmoker. i don't like this album but the guy that reviewed really thinks his shit doesn't stink.

Mike Reinharz_ 12/3/2004 4:17:34 PM

My shit stinks really bad, just ask my girlfriend. But I am indeed an authority on shitty metalcore so smoke this pole BITCH!

JB_ 12/3/2004 4:42:11 PM

I'm not familiar with this record at all, or old Diecast for that matter, so I cant say whether is review is good or not. Nonetheless, props to the reviewer for articulating a very impressive review. Its very well written, in my opinion.

wes_ 12/3/2004 4:46:59 PM

"Say what you mean, mean what you say" ... uh today is the day?

Morgan_ 12/3/2004 11:02:20 PM

Undo the wicked was awesome

Cory_ 12/3/2004 11:41:14 PM

I just skimmed this one, but I'm a bit confused about the tossing around of the terms hermaphrodite and transvestite.

Mikey216_ 12/4/2004 12:33:52 AM

So they all got fun changes?

dead_ 12/4/2004 3:52:04 AM

lambgoat is so dumb with their reviews. this album is a complete killswitch rip off, yes... but it is semi-well executed. the drumming is tight as is the production etc... this gets a 3. fair enough. the terror record comes out and is just as much of a rip off, but this time of madball. it is well executed also except the production lacks. that... gets an 8? what the f*ck. just because terror is 'cooler' their shouldn't be a double standard. if its a rip off, its a rip off...

Mike Reinharz_ 12/4/2004 5:22:53 AM

Terror and Diecast are not graded on the same baseline. Terror knew what the wanted to do from the start, have not compromised, and have toured constantly since their demo came out nearly three years ago. Diecast took their sweet time to construct a new sound, image, and evidently fanbase upon their heralded return. Diecast are two-faced. Terror are not, and they also ripped off Madball much less than you think...listen before you say stupid things.

jefferson_ 12/4/2004 7:17:17 AM

this guy mike should stop posting in comments i think he wrote one of the better LG reviews ive read no point in defending yourself. the review speaks for itself.

FRENETIC_ 12/4/2004 7:56:17 AM

no listen to this album ever. i just wanted to say that the kid who thinks terror ripped off madball is an idiot.

theoneandonly_ 12/4/2004 10:38:42 AM

i never liked diecats....ive seen them grow as a band and really never dugg it...the drummer is really nasty though....but the reviewer knows its kool to shit on go smoke cverges nads man

anonymous 12/4/2004 12:57:46 PM

yeah this cd blows i bought it and havent listened to it since

yousuck_ 12/4/2004 12:57:50 PM

this album is pure shit i cant believe this band went the this route after doing shit as good as perpetual war and undo the wicked

anonymous 12/4/2004 1:39:25 PM

their new singer is a pussrag, damn this shit blows

Mike Reinharz_ 12/4/2004 1:58:58 PM

Hey buddy I have nothing to defend, I'm just debating some questionable points from fruits & having a good time doing it.

Kdawg_ 12/4/2004 8:16:33 PM

hmm, I agree with the terror comment a little bit. Like he said, you can tell that Diecast wants to be Shadows Fall and Killswithc Engage, but its a pretty well executed clone, where as a band that sounds exactly like Carry On gets a higher review because they have "heart." a 3 out of 10? Then you read the recent Dead To Fall review and they get a 5? Consistancy please

buckwheat_ 12/4/2004 10:45:35 PM

Different reviewers f*cktard. Individuals have differnet opinions from one another. You can't get mad at Mike for reviews HE didn't do.

rob_mcfeters_ 12/4/2004 11:48:41 PM

seriously though. if your attention span is so short that you can't tell there are different reviewers with different tastes, then don't post stupid comments. you could see the same review on here 5 different times with 5 different ratings. get over it.

your a fucking faggot_ 12/5/2004 9:36:30 AM

By: Hatebread on 9/21/2003 8:46:10 PM You came to me with salivation, saying I must seek bread. You offer up your bake sales, a guarantee for a better rye.. in your wheat world. Your illusions are comfort for your taste buds. My sacrifices will be made in honor of what is truly great bread. How can you bake me, when you can't bake yourself? You can't bake yourself.

Alex (not the webmaster)_ 12/5/2004 10:21:23 AM

most bands now a days sound like they just want to get big. and do anything to acheive that. this band sucks and im glad im not the only one who sees it.

dead_ 12/5/2004 12:25:58 PM

its obvious you f*cking moron that there are different reviewers. I'm not questioning that. I'm just saying the majority of them are stupid.

Mike Reinharz_ 12/5/2004 2:57:10 PM

Yeah well f*ck you, reviewers unite.

Cory_ 12/5/2004 3:19:29 PM

Viva la Reviewlution!

bad_ 12/5/2004 5:09:12 PM

why do people think this drummer is good? ever hear him live, he rushes through every fill he plays. they beat doctored the f*ck out of these drum tracks. just because the guy plays traditional grip everyone wants to shoot their load on his back. what a joke.

Cale_ 12/5/2004 7:10:05 PM

this band sucks dck. the drummer f*cking blows with his gay long 'metal' hair and their shitty guitars. wow, this band is the worst

Nick_ 12/5/2004 9:56:47 PM

I think there should be some consistency between reviewers on a site, otherwise there's no real point havin g a score at all. That being said, I downloaded the MP3 and thought it was pretty good. Unoriginal yes. But nicely produced and executed (Except for the horrible clean vocals at the end).

twodegreesbelow_ 12/6/2004 1:24:38 AM

one of the worst reviews ive ever read for one of the worst bands ive ever heard.

yourcityliesindust _ 12/6/2004 6:24:56 PM

The MP3 on the site isnt bad...but it does sound nearly identical to Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage

Its Tragic_ 12/11/2004 1:05:51 PM

i get the impression that mike reads either way, this is a very well written, entertaining review, i will read mikes reviews in the future. mike i love you. no... no ... im IN love with you. ew, no im not, im not a gay.

ya_ 12/19/2004 11:29:24 PM

yes you are

matt_ 12/19/2004 11:33:36 PM

old diecast is the shiznit. this album got old after a week.

Hxcobd_ 12/23/2004 3:05:02 AM

I didn't think it was bad enough to get a 3..... but a 5 or 6 would be legitimate. Terror rox, btw.

Jeremy_ 1/13/2005 4:59:47 PM

This guy definitely doesn't know a thing about real music. This is how hardcore music should be. Go listen to that shit you call music where the singer screams his f*cking head off every minute. I actually like music where I can understand what they are actually singing about.

theyuppiegrinder_ 4/7/2005 4:57:32 PM

this band f*cking sucks. anybody that thinks theyre something to remember should be shot in the f*cking face