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Killing Theory Dead. Buried. Forgotten.

Dead. Buried. Forgotten.
1. Trepidation Within The Pseudo-Judgement 2. Painting With Blood On Cold Pavement ... An Uneventful Annihilation Turned Art 3. The Walking Death Contradiction 4. Burial Of Your Absentee Landlord 5. Downpour Of Tears
2004 Tribunal Records
Our score 3


I'm sick of this shit.I mean it.I have a great deal of respect for anyone who picks up an intstrument and learns to play it, but what I don't like is kids who think that a few guitar lessons and a double-bass pedal is enough to justify wasting a recording engineer's time.I don't mean to personally insult the band or anything -- they could be nice guys, for all I know -- but that doesn't excuse dreck like this.It's the type of thing I've come to expect from bands with little to no touring experience, a cursory and superficial knowledge of songwriting, and what seems like a greater interest in the hardcore/metal scene than in the music itself. It's heavy, sure.It sounds like the guitarist has a distortion pedal with one knob, and that knob is perpetually turned up to 11.There's no variation in guitar tone, nor in the vocals, or even in the steady, monotonous basslines.In fact, everything about this album would scream tedium if it didn't whisper so meekly.The drumming is boring and uncreative, the few leads there are sound as stale as canned laughter, and the omnipresent by-the-numbers breakdowns seem to beg their audience to kick back, grab a drink and take five.I have never been as bored by an album as I was by this.I'd make a clever joke involving the album title here, but honestly, I don't even care enough to bother. Bottom Line: If you've ever wondered what the Red Chord would sound like without any ingenuity or chops, you might want to invest in this album.Likewise, if you were really into the newest Between The Buried And Me album but felt that it was "too complex" and wanted to hear "more mosh" with "even fewer interesting parts," this album is directly targeted to you.It's the CD your friend with the AFI keychain will be calling "my angry music."If you're already bored of your new Bleeding Through tattoo, this may be your lucky day, because Killing Theory are here to deliver a gigantic yawn of an album that's sure to suit anyone who's not really into hardcore or metal at all.


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no_cool_names_left_ 7/31/2004 12:18:25 PM

Lauren_ 8/1/2004 9:16:45 PM

i like your review too

rad_ 8/4/2004 6:15:30 AM

"Definition of rock journalism: People who can’t write, doing interviews with people who can’t think, in order to prepare articles for people who can’t read." -Frank Zappa

greg_ 5/26/2005 5:06:21 PM

hahahaha. the drummer would murder you