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Through The Eyes Of The Dead The Scars Of Ages

1. Beneath Dying Skies 2. Autumn Tint of Gold 3. Forever Ends Today 4. Between the Gardens That Bathe in Blood 5. To Take Comfort
2004 Lovelost Records
Our score 8


I’d say you were crazy if you told me that this utterly devastating EP was of a band from South Carolina. The national hardcore scene isn’t exactly teeming with bands from this state (Unlike its northern counterpart). However, none of that matters, because Through the Eyes of the Dead are chock full of enough down-home metal goodness to be representative of the entire state. That’s right boys and girls. After one listen to their new EP, "The Scars of Ages," you will certainly agree that the phrase “Squeal like a pig” will take on a whole new meaning. Lovelost Records, known for birthing other behemoths of the scene such as the Black Dahlia Murder and Into the Moat, continue to find quality new bands. Though the sound of TTEOTD is somewhat akin to the Black Dahlia Murder at times, the band has the potential to completely stand on their own in future releases. The fast parts are faster, the breakdowns are heavier (and there are more of them), and the music is absolutely crushing. However, the band needs to be careful not to be overly ambitious. At times, while the dual guitars are speedily blazing over tortured vocals, the drumming slightly loses time.This can be ignored for an EP, and is replaced by the overall superb recording quality. Speaking of which, inside the CD there is a disclaimer in the liner notes saying that no triggers were used in the drum recordings.If that is true, then this drummer has the fastest feet and the most tightly tuned drum heads that side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Seriously, the only reason the drummer’s hands might slow down is because his feet are about to spontaneously combust. Bottom Line: Granted, this review is short, but so is the EP. The good thing is it leaves the listener wanting more. The songs easily get stuck in the listener’s head. Moreover, the flaws of this debut are outshined by the promise of what’s to come. This recording demonstrates some of the heaviest parts to be released this year so far. There are also some fantastic sound bytes on here, including one that made my friend say she’ll never trust angels again. If this is the future of metal or hardcore or whatever, then I welcome it with open arms.


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professionals_ 8/22/2004 12:53:25 AM

This CD is AAAAWESOME!! The breakdowns are UBER heavy, heavier than Andrew's step-dad! Go on. AND the skanking parts are incredibly skankable. A brilliantly built CD. congrats, bitches

retch_ 9/14/2004 1:50:14 AM

great cd, great band

Matt_ 3/1/2005 1:24:56 PM

Really good EP, worth buying, it's only $9 with shipping included off of thier label's site. If you like old IDT before they became gay and you like Invocation of Nehek, check these guys out. Super fast feet and very tight.