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The Destiny Program The Tracy Chapter

The Tracy Chapter
01. Forsaken Love 02. Your Diary 03. Passing Moments 04. Skies Dressed In Black 05. Love Is My Death 06. Revival Of April 07. Naunyn Street 08. To Embrace Beauty 09. Reyes 10. The Admiration Of Sadness 11. Tibi - Omnia Quae Sum 12. Kiss Us Goodbye
2004 Lifeforce Records
Our score 6

by Cory

The combination of smart riffing, great production, solid vocals and undeniable melodies has often resulted in the sort of instantly breathtaking records that have become staples in the canon of heavy music. Destiny's "The Tracy Chapter" has all those things going for it - yet it still somehow manages to disappoint. This European quartet has all the right elements of a great record here and they are even put together in a competent manner, but at the end of the day, their inability to push the envelope has cast them into the sea of bands desperately grasping for the recognition and fame that has been awarded the premier bands of their genre. The disc starts off promisingly enough with "Forsaken Love," which establishes the band's sound as somewhere between Reroute-era In Flames and Shai Hulud. Every once in a while they mix it up a bit with cleaner vocals or what their press release refers to as "a discrete Nu-Metal edge." I can't say I would compare Destiny to any nu-metal band I've ever heard aside from their lack of originality. Songs titles like "Your Diary," "Skies Dressed In Black," and "To Embrace Beauty" all have the sort of melodramatic metalcore themes that From Autumn To Ashes did so much better a few years ago. The bandmembers themselves clearly have talent and even mesh well together as a group. The real test for this band will be what they sound like when they stop wearing their influences on their sleeves and start creating challenging music that reflects their obvious skill and determination. Johannes Formella's vocals, both clean and otherwise, sound great here, but the words they are singing more often than not induce the sort of cringe that accompanies Dawson's Creek dialogue. The incredible production on this record honestly makes it that much more disappointing. The skill and precision with which these songs were recorded is remarkable. It's just a shame that the songs themselves aren't as striking. The album's art, despite being incredibly cliche, is at least interesting to look at, which is more than I can say for a lot of records I've seen lately. Bottom Line: In all fairness, if this record had come out five or even ten years ago, the combination of musicianship, songwriting and heaviness would probably have guaranteed status in the then-growing genre of metalcore. However, this album has proven that all of those things, without any sort of innovation or distinguishing characteristics, will simply result in the sort of forgettable record that Destiny has produced here. The hooks are catchy and the riffs are solid, but based on this release, Destiny doesn't seem to have anything remarkably creative in their arsenal.

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Louis_ 6/26/2005 1:43:47 PM

Im sorry i totally disaprove your review we are the 26 of june 2005 i just opened the web site and what do we have ... The Thrones whit a 8/10 review now that's really bad. Always judging to hard bands im sick and tire of it. You have in your ears a good and amazing hardcore band not only good by the riffs but also amazingly sing et whit some powerfull lyrics. Valsing thru and mixing different flow of metal whit some agressive metal and whit some more smoother riffs. You have to know somethi