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Taken Finding Solace In Dissension

Our score 7

by Alex

This a great all-around effort, but don't expect to enjoy it after just one listen. While there are only six songs on here, each one is totally unlike its predecessor and full of varying styles, tempos, and arrangements. Taken never sticks to one riff or groove too long, and most of their songs are actually a series of sections chained together. In other words, you can listen to the end of one song, and it will sound nothing like the beginning. Although they ultimately fail at melding the various sections into what would typically be considered powerful songs, the riffs and portions within are simply amazing. The real beauty is in the guitar work, which features catchy, but often dissonant leads that really give the music character. Taken is capable of moving from sincere emo to raging hardcore in just a few seconds, and this record really doesn't have one single weak spot. Further solidfying the group's music is the energetic and skillful drumming, which really is the glue that holds this refreshing album together.


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Lambgay_ 6/26/2005 3:21:13 AM

first post. amazing band, too bad they broke up

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