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XFilesX Excruciation

01. Swallow Your Tongue 02. Head On A Stick 03. Testify 04. Murderin' The Hog 05. Jesus Fish Out Of Water 06. Noise 07. I Hate What I Don't Understand 08. The Odd Couple 09. A Cozy Treat 10. Those Nails How They Rust 11. Blast From The Past 12. STD 13. Excruciation 14. I Wish I Was Worse 15. Fuck Em 16. Ay Guy 17. Crazy 18. God Fearing 19. Unemplyoment 20. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Blow Your Brains Out 21. Falling Down 22. Wreck Yourself
2004 Trash Art!
Our score 8

by Cory

There are two things that this record (despite the band's name) is not: typical hardcore OR a joke. That's not to say that it's entirely original or that the lyrics don't often feel very tongue-in-cheek, but unlike so many bands with a sense of humor, XFilesX have not allowed it to interfere with their rage. "Excruciation" is a fifteen minute album containing 22 tracks, a testament to the beauty of simplicity. There is no instrumental guitar piece here, no filler to speak of. Instead, XFilesX find a way to make every moment of space in this all-too-brief "album" count. Unfortunately, the band broke up this past summer. XFilesX is a band unafraid to say what they feel, regardless of scene politics or even common decency. In the span of what would be a 7" to most bands, this band takes on street racing douchebags, elderly drivers with "Jesus fish" on their cars, edge-breakers and "dickheads from high school," among others. There is no posturing, no rules and no regard for the often delicate sensibilities of hardcore scenesters. These guys are the disrespectful assholes that are too honest to hate and too talented to ignore. While their amusing name was the first thing I remember hearing about them, their reputation has been steadily building on the strength of their releases. Musically, this is sort of like a cross between power violence, early 80's thrashy punk and Slapshot. While the majority of the record doesn't appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities, it definitely isn't supposed to. It's supposed to kick you in the face and that's what it does. It has a sound all it's own, combining the speed and anger inherent in the songs with some thick bass and thin drums to make something strangely compelling and listenable. I frequently found myself spinning this disc four times in a row. Bottom Line: The lyrics to "Murderin The Hog" say it all: "When I want something done, I'll do it myself right in your face." XFilesX sound like a bunch of guys who got fed up with the state of hardcore and decided to do something about it. What they did about it just happened to be one of the best hardcore records I've heard in years. If you miss the brutal honesty of the Suicide File and the no-frills intensity of Charles Bronson, XFilesX's "Excruciation" is an essential addition to your music library.


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Lazer_Beast_ 9/28/2004 4:53:43 PM

This album kicks ass.

asdf_ 9/28/2004 7:57:17 PM

good review

josiah_ 9/30/2004 8:25:23 PM

awesome band, awesome review

crucialxyouth_ 10/3/2004 5:47:48 AM

someone build me a time machine

hardcoreFinalFantasynerd_ 10/5/2004 11:08:56 AM

i checked them out on hxcmp3 and there songs are f*cking 28 seconds a piece, although they generate an awesome sound in that small amount of time that still kinda sucks