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The Great Redneck Hope Splosion!

1. Hey Goth Girl, Isn’t It a Little Hot to be Wearing Pants? 2. A Rhetorical Question: What Do Christian Kids Talk About? (Ex. ‘God is Awesome!’ ‘Totally!’) 3. I Don’t Lift Weights to Impress the Bitches. I Lift Weights to Knock a Sucka’s Teeth Out. 4. Three Easy Steps to Digging Up and Reanimating Your Ass, Only to Rock It Into the Ground Once Again. 5. You’re Fired, You’re Fired, You’re Fired. Goddamn it, I’m Spike Lee 6. Hey Girl, Are You Down With Bacteria? And If So, Would You Like to See The Inside of Our Van? 7. Oh My God. Omigod. Ohhhh my god. I Thought Nail Guns Had a Safety. 8. I’m Pretty Sure I God My Cat Pregnant. 9. They Say the People Elect the Government They Deserve, But I Don’t Remember Knife-raping Any Retarded Nuns.
2003 Thinker Thought Records
Our score 7


It’s good to know some people still have a sense of humor. With a name like “The Great Redneck Hope,” I’ll assume that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s fine with me. When I opened the package from Lambgoat, and pulled out this album, my girlfriend immediately noticed and said “what the hell is that” Then we proceeded to read the song titles, and laugh our asses off. With a silly name, even sillier song titles, and a chaotic, loud CD layout, these guys pretty much had me hooked before I heard any music. When I did, I was surprised. The Great Redneck Hope plays a sort of tech-grind that might be comparable to a band like Daughters, but at times is much more tech than grind, which reminds me a bit of Dillinger Escape Plan. The songs are fairly short (surprised), but there is a lot going on, and it’s dynamic from song to song. This album isn’t one big blast. There are some jazzy parts throw in for good measure, and they are executed extremely well. I’m pretty impressed with these guys, because, while they are very brutal and chaotic, they don’t try to bash your head in, with their music. They can also throw down a mean groove, and just bring straight ahead rock. Vocally, this record is predictable. I think I’ve heard this same exact scream on countless records for the past three years. However, the vocalist layered a bit of his tracks in the studio, which makes for a powerful performance. The drumming is outstanding, but that’s not saying much. If you aren’t a fabulous drummer, then you have no business trying to play this type of music. But what I’m really impressed by is the way the bassist and guitarist bounce off each other. At times, they each play two different riffs that sound so opposite, but then join together after a measure. The production is fairly decent here, but I wish I could hear the bass just a little more. I think it would make everything thicker even more powerful. The drums sound excellent and natural, without a trace of a triggered sound. I’m a bit irritated that this didn’t come with any lyrics. With their silly song titles, I was thinking the lyrics might be very tongue-in-cheek or just silly as hell. Bottom Line: If you are into stuff like Daughters, Usurp Synapse, or maybe even Dillinger Escape Plan, you should love The Great Redneck Hope. While this isn’t completely original or life-changing, it is a fun listen (if you are into those types of bands). For a kind of tech-grind sound, it’s almost catchy, which really sold me on this. I can’t wait to hear more.

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The Fuck Thunder_ 7/6/2007 5:39:04 AM

You losers are off key. Splosion! was a dazzling piece of sexy hardcore. But this band destroyed the competition with Behold the f*ck thunder. Wheres that review?