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Sex Positions Sex Positions

Sex Positions - Sex Positions
01. Commit It MP3
02. You’d Better Start Running
03. Worse Than The Plague
04. Aphrodite Dear
05. Door Are Harder to Slam in the Summer
06. Sleeping
07. [Untitled]
08. The Dead Lay Very Still
09. Heroes of the Novel
10. We Already Went Over This
11. Ruined
2004 Deathwish Inc.

Reviewed by: Jhonn Thomassen   //   Published: 6/27/2004

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do when listening to Sex Positions for the first time, it’s thinking that this is going to be exactly like the Dedication. I don’t know of many who would do that, but just in case, don’t set yourself up for failure here. Aside from the obvious vocal, and even lyrical, similarities, Sex Positions is miles ahead of their ‘counterpart’ group as they are the only band that I know of that has successfully added a very strong electronica element to an already atypical hardcore sound (excluding keyboard-heavy bands like Horse the Band, as that’s not exactly electronica as most would define it).

However, it’s not the electronic element that separates Sex Positions from the rest of the crowd. The snappy and short lyrics are spouted out in a fashion more frenetic than pretty much any other band I can think of, and the rock n’ roll flair exhibited by the rest of the members is more enjoyable than any run-of-the-mill mosh band. The guitar work is appropriately sparse enough to fit the tone of the music and to allow the bass (and occasionally any electronica presence) an equal amount of exposure, while the drumming provides a constant wall of driving force without the excessive use of the snare or bass drum.

I think the most exciting aspect of this album, though, is the fact that Sex Positions don’t follow a straight path with their music. Songs themselves differ drastically from one to the next in terms of tempo, mood, and style, of course, but better yet, each song is a twisting framework. No single track is going to lead you down the usual and predictable path that most bands are more than willing to travel. Every expected turn I anticipated was met by a completely different one, and that, I think, is what defines this band.

So far, I’ve listened to this album enough times that I’m getting to know the words just from playing it so often, and thus I’m pretty confident in saying that Sex Positions has set a new precedent for hardcore music. Not everyone will like it, but songs like “Commit It,” “You’d Better Start Running,” and “Heroes of the Novel” are probably too hard to resist for most people.

Bottom Line: A strange but cohesive mix of hardcore and techno-noise. But don’t be fooled: live shows drop the weirdness as the band likes to take a more straight-ahead approach to their music when performing for others. Finally, avoid if you dislike extreme use of pink, black, and yellow ink, but other than that, do yourself a favor and give this album the listen it deserves.

Snoopy2   posted 9/30/2012 8:21:16 PM
This band isn't relevant to me since I'm the world's oldest virgin
zero_x_potential_   posted 2/4/2006 11:35:19 PM
awesome cd
matt_   posted 12/13/2004 3:42:09 AM
first post. i like this band... lots. one of the best cds in my collection.