remember when trump thought out loud

kort 5/16/2021 6:11:07 PM
that we should considering curing covid by injecting bleach? really f*ckin cool that someone dumber than the average lambgoat user was our president
BULLETHEAD 5/16/2021 6:53:48 PM
I think he was joking
Lordzedd 5/17/2021 1:11:30 AM
Heroin >
bullet in your brain >
Spaceghhost 5/17/2021 10:21:15 AM
trump said a few good one liners.

my favorite pres quote ever is George Bush Jr. saying "Is our children learning?"
moshed_potatoes 5/17/2021 6:21:33 PM
That "Mission Accomplished!" banner is still my favorite blunder from the Bush years, good times
theocean 5/17/2021 6:25:05 PM
ducking below the podium when he was making fun of bloomberg was his funniest moment man