Drank for the first time..

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d0t_hack 5/15/2021 9:47:50 PM
In one month and one week. Did my shit today and smoked some brisket. Chick is chilling and I'm at a bar I've never been too in CA [haven't been to a bar since covid shut everything down] and I'm talking with a chill ass dude who likes bluegrass.

weirdo 5/15/2021 9:50:38 PM
why are you looking at your phone and typing while he's talking to you? look at him and suck his dick later
BULLETHEAD 5/15/2021 9:51:19 PM
yeah that's pretty rude
simon_belmonT 5/15/2021 9:52:55 PM
He has a chill ass? Nice
d0t_hack 5/15/2021 9:55:41 PM
He went piss and put on some Alabama.
mindtraveler 5/15/2021 9:56:19 PM
Put that ass on chill like the voice mail at the city morgue. Grill em and chill em, hot dogs on cold ass buns boi HYFR
simon_belmonT 5/15/2021 9:57:03 PM
Get it extra spicy and change that chill ass to a chili ass
d0t_hack 5/15/2021 9:57:11 PM
Credibility is lost. We talked blues and Muddy Waters. I feel like belmont except I try to be social.
d0t_hack 5/15/2021 9:58:33 PM
Before I leave should I put a 20 in and play Where Have all the Cowboys go on repeat or just look at him and say nice chat.
mindtraveler 5/15/2021 9:59:01 PM
show him this
simon_belmonT 5/15/2021 9:59:46 PM
The only way by to feel like me is experience eternal dread and misery, that every minute is worse than the previous and to wake up every morning feeling that this is the day you're going to finally pull the trigger. Is that how you feel?
d0t_hack 5/15/2021 10:02:06 PM
It isn't how I feel but this place is incredibly depressing and I can't stop watching because I just told a guy they don't want to talk to him and he waved his arms in the air yelling I QUIT MAN I QUIT
vagisilcreem 5/15/2021 10:05:36 PM
heres you guys 2 hours from now
BULLETHEAD 5/15/2021 10:06:38 PM
i thought that'd be gay porn
d0t_hack 5/16/2021 1:12:47 AM
I just left. I got kissed on the cheek by a woman for being a gentleman and the bartender thanked me for being the only "sane person here"

Drinking sucks guys. Lol this is depressing
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