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It Dies Today album set for release

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 9:26 AM PT

It Dies Today's latest studio album, "Lividity," will finally surface on September 15th via Trustkill Records. Here's the latest from singer Jason Wood:

"We're really pumped about this new record and finally releasing it for our fans! This week Mike Hatalak (producer/guitarist) is in final mix sessions for the album and we have also finished several cover songs including a cover of Duran Duran's 'Come Undone' as well as Alice In Chains 'Them Bones.' We know alot of fans are curious about the delays with this new album, but we assure you, if we could have gotten it to you sooner we would have! We have had so many problems with the studio we build to record this album. After spending close to $12,000 on building a completely enclosed soundproofed studio in the house that Mike (Hatalak) and I lived in and spending over 2 months finishing pre-production and tracking, our efforts were thwarted with a forced move out of the house. That move forced us to tear down our entire studio (salvaging about $2,000 of materials) within a holiday weekend. So we moved to a new house and rebuilt the studio and are now finally finishing all mixes. I'm looking forward to hearing reactions from our fans and foes and hopefully this album will make up for the long wait!"

Meanwhile, the group is expected to headline a U.S. tour this fall, with a European tour to follow shortly thereafter.
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