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Inhale Exhale prepares new album

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:22 PM PT

Inhale Exhale will be entering the studio in June to record a new album for Solid State Records. Here's an update from guitar player John LaRussa:

"IE has been chillin for awhile. Coming out and and doing shows here and there. We did The run with our friends on the Christmas tour and then the Arise and Conquer tour and that's it. We've been kind of dormant. We do have plans to hit the road after the latter part of summer though. I'm having a child in Aug. And Ryland is getting married in Aug at the same time. So yeah we've been taking a break a bit. We probably won't be playing any festivals this year. Sorry for that. We may play cornerstone, we will let you know.

"Our time off has not been for nothing though, that's for sure, we've decided to put out our newest record earlier than later. It's coming out pretty brutal compared to our previous records and we have focused a lot on dynamics and harnessing our own style as always. I could tell you that it's more artsy, or more post hardcore or more metal, but we will let you be the judge of that when you here it. As always we've tried to push the envelope in our genre.

"I do think that we will be gaining new fans with it and I think all of our previous fans will not be disappointed AT ALL.

"So what does sooner than later mean? It may come as a surprise but we are going to hit the studio in June. And then have it out in fall. We will keep you posted. And we will keep you up to date with shows. Thanks everyone for you continuous support of Inhale Exhale."
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