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Rise Records signs Blindwish, new song online

Saturday, July 15, 2017 11:11 AM PT

Rise Records has officially added Dallas, Texas band Blindwish to their roster. The group's debut album, Good Excuses, was produced and engineered by Ryan Furlott (It Prevails) and will be released on September 1.

For now, you can check out a music video for new song "After Midnight" below. The track was co-written by multi-platinum songwriter and producer John Feldmann.

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7/15/2017 2:03:17 PM
Now this is the queer shit right here bet it get all the queers out there right in the feels hey just a reminder no run on sentences in the comments, fruit cups!

7/15/2017 6:00:56 PM
wow cringey lyrics, gross auto tuned vocals, overwrought glitch effects and drums machine parts, flush this turd quick and don't look back

7/15/2017 8:52:56 PM
Here's a Blindwish for ya....."sure wish I could fckin see"

7/16/2017 4:26:09 PM
No joke, I made it 8 seconds into this and I'd heard enough.

7/16/2017 7:36:34 PM
da singer thicc????