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Darkest Hour, Veil Of Maya, Periphery tour

Sunday, September 05, 2010 11:01 AM PT

Dates have begun to surface for Darkest Hour's fall tour with Veil Of Maya. It also appears that Periphery and Revocation will be part of the package. The following dates have made their way online thus far (with more to come):

11/12 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
11/14 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
11/20 Chicago, IL @ The Clearwater
11/24 Las Vegas, NV @ Area 702 Skatepark
11/29 West Hollywood, CA @ Whisky A Go Go
12/10 Baltimore, MA @ Ottobar


9/5/2010 11:12:14 AM
first post

9/5/2010 11:33:16 AM
Whoa...they're playing in Baltimore Massachusetts!!!

9/5/2010 11:33:26 AM
Will be there for Periphery and Darkest Hour.

9/5/2010 11:52:30 AM
ehh alot better then some of the other bullshit tours that have been going on

9/5/2010 11:57:37 AM
darkest hour is the only thing that matters on here

9/5/2010 12:03:51 PM
Tight tour. Would love to go if they played somewhere other then that shitpit Atlanta. Jacksonville would be cool...

9/5/2010 12:43:55 PM
Seventh Post!! Baltimore, Massachusetts bitches!!

9/5/2010 12:47:33 PM
*crosses fingers* FL Dates!!!!

9/5/2010 1:18:27 PM
Perfectly fine tour ruined by Periphery and Veil of Maya.

9/5/2010 1:28:30 PM
How come zelda can never save the princess?

9/5/2010 1:42:46 PM
wut kidn off shitty routing is this?

9/5/2010 1:57:13 PM
If you knew how to fcking read ass_cobra, then maybe you would see that these are only the dates that have surfaces so FAR. fcking idiot.

9/5/2010 2:19:54 PM
it seems veil of maya and periphery tour as a package deal.

9/5/2010 2:28:03 PM
will be at the baltimore MA show

9/5/2010 2:34:34 PM
"Yeah, we driving across the country and back on like 6 shows, no big deal."

9/5/2010 3:10:36 PM
will probably attend the Denver date. I can get down on some darkest hour.

9/5/2010 3:17:32 PM
I'm sure Baltimore, MA is a typo, Ottobar is in Baltimore, MD. will be there 12/10

9/5/2010 3:28:47 PM
i agree with everyone that wants the fl dates. veil of maya and periphery is fcking sweet.

9/5/2010 3:33:02 PM
manofdefeat 9/5/2010 2:34:34 PM "Yeah, we driving across the country and back on like 6 shows, no big deal."-----learn how to read. (with more to come)

9/5/2010 3:41:18 PM
Why the fck are there so many shows at the Whisky now? It should have died decades ago.

9/5/2010 3:47:06 PM
because the whisky a go go is a legendary club where many famous bands play and have played. you are a gay if you hate that venue.

9/5/2010 4:17:11 PM
will go to this with out a doubt all bands are worth seeing

9/5/2010 4:32:07 PM
fck these bands, especially veil of maya

9/5/2010 4:51:35 PM
12/4 Dallas TX @ Trees. Will be there.

9/5/2010 5:03:54 PM
come on FL dates

9/5/2010 5:21:51 PM
You are a fcking idiot morbidlyhigh. Close minded fck.

9/5/2010 5:55:02 PM

9/5/2010 7:14:33 PM

9/5/2010 7:24:25 PM
Love darkest hour. If you don't you're a gay. Yep. See what i did?

9/5/2010 7:25:32 PM
the whiskey is fcking gay get the fck outta here who gives a fck if famous bands played there

9/5/2010 7:27:53 PM
12/10 Will go for all bands

9/5/2010 10:58:31 PM
there`s a baltimore mass lol

9/5/2010 11:18:28 PM
Sure, legendary bands have played there, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a shithole of a venue where bands play for 20-25 minutes and are expected to put out $500+. fck the Whisky.

9/6/2010 2:17:02 AM
Periphery > Other bands on this tour

9/6/2010 1:25:59 PM
Darkest Hour is so much more important than any of these bands. Will be in Hollywood for this shit.

9/6/2010 2:43:08 PM
Revocation= most overrated band of the year.

9/6/2010 3:28:23 PM
Periphery is definitely the most talented band on this tour, and if you can't see/hear that, I don't know what is wrong with you. :-)

9/6/2010 3:48:25 PM
Never listened to Revocation, but tight tour nonetheless. Love DH and VOM live.

9/6/2010 8:36:29 PM
Whisky a gogo is a fcking shit hole. jerk staff, pay to play bullshit, small ass stage with shitty sound guys who're just upset that their gayy black metal bands aren't bookin any shows lately.

9/7/2010 2:09:57 AM
we really need some new fcking news.

9/8/2010 12:14:45 PM
I fcked the DH's drummers girl.