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Liferuiner attacked in Ohio

Friday, September 04, 2009 9:57 PM PT

Liferuiner, clearly no strangers to drama, were the targets of some troublemakers following a show at Jazz Central in Dayton, OH this week. Ultimately, the melee resulted in a few minor injuries. Here's a statement from the band:

"Before anyone gets the wrong impression, and runs their mouth to Lambgoat who obviously does not give a shit about anything concerning this band, here's what really happened in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday night...

"We showed up at Jazz Central, the only people who were there were our friends in The Gun Show, the promoter and someone working with him, and 2 girls that we know from the columbus area. The opening band Did you mean, Australia shows up, and in the time it took them to play their set some other kids had arrived. During our set 2 or 3 of these kids, one wearing a ski mask started dancing like assholes, throwing chairs, being overly disrespectful which is something none of us are down with, so we already anticipated there being a problem later on. Once our set was finished I ran outside to check and make sure no damage was done to our vehicles. There was a group of 12-13 kids outside by their cars yelling shit about us being faggots or whatever so I ran back inside to make sure everyone was aware, in the time it took me to go inside and back out, Kevin got in a scuffle with one of the kids, and had him on the ground, he was pulled off by security and then all hell broke loose. We were completely outnumbered so while trying to square up with 1 kid at a time we had to worry about multiple kids 'jumping' us from behind. Our guitar player Dave was knocked to the ground and kicked in the head, so he's got a few small cuts and some bruising around his left eye. Our tour manager Billy got hit in the head with a maglite and had to get 6 stitches which is why our band had to go to the hospital that night. Myself, Kevin and the others are all fine despite the show these kids put on. I was hit by a car, struck in the back with a baseball bat, as well as Kevin being hit moments earlier.

"The whole thing ended with these kids trying to get in their cars as fast as possible and drive off in that smashed up Monte Carlo. An old school dude showed up and confirmed the list of names we were given as the kids who did it, he was mad cool, and explained how these kids have no affiliation with courage crew so please save yourself that drama.

"After about an hour, the cops showed up and said that 2 girls had been screaming about it at a gas station so they came, asked us if it was a problem with 'straight edge' lol, took our pictures and left.

"At the end of the day this is all we have to say about it, if you have 10 more people than us, and an assortment of weapons, don't fucking run... Be a fucking man and fight for what you wanted. We've never showed up trying to start fights, or provoke them, we respect all venues, promoters, and opening bands, but we are not going to run, ever, which is why that kid posted about it on twitter later on that night saying he was realizing how lucky he is or some stupid shit. We are not going to avoid Ohio on future tours, we are not going to run our mouths at upcoming shows or on message boards, we are not going to cry about this because were all super hurt. This is the truth, this is what happened to us, and it is what it is. Props to those kids for having the balls to even try, because most people only talk about it."


9/4/2009 10:00:09 PM
*runs mouth*

9/4/2009 10:02:02 PM
"started dancing like jerks, throwing chairs, being overly disrespectful which is something none of us are down with" Didnt these jerks destroy a club on their what anyone could have hoped to be final show??? Go molest 15year olds gays.

9/4/2009 10:02:27 PM
oh yeah, and liferuiner, suck MY dck.

9/4/2009 10:02:44 PM
too bad these jerks wernt murdered.

9/4/2009 10:05:02 PM
"Props to those kids for having the balls to even try, because most people only talk about it." I have never read anything so full of gayry in my ENTIRE life. I'm shaking.

9/4/2009 10:06:12 PM
what he left out is how he got the two girls to take pictures of them with there c-cks in each others mouths.

9/4/2009 10:09:00 PM
thank god he had the strength to post this after being beaten with a baseball bat and hit by a car

9/4/2009 10:10:33 PM
gays got stomped out by other gays.

9/4/2009 10:16:39 PM

9/4/2009 10:21:40 PM
This needs to happen to more bands.

9/4/2009 10:22:07 PM
Thank you for the best news I've read all day. Liferuiner getting beat up by kids at a show = Its own TV show.

9/4/2009 10:26:12 PM
This article wins the internets. All of them.

9/4/2009 10:28:27 PM
Funniest story since Braindrills lifting-of-the-nut-sack. fck, Liferuiner sucks.

9/4/2009 10:33:43 PM

9/4/2009 10:35:38 PM
as funny as this is, jumping people with bats and shit is about the gayest thing in gay town

9/4/2009 10:36:23 PM
merry Christmas lambgoat

9/4/2009 10:40:27 PM
Puts money on the fact that they actually got beat way harder than they are admitting. Glad someone finally did it.

9/4/2009 10:40:33 PM
"we respect all venues, promoters.." aren't these the guys who destroyed a venue to such a degree it had to shut down? got what you deserved, but not enough.

9/4/2009 10:42:39 PM
oh snap, liferuiner named dropped lambgoat...be proud.

9/4/2009 10:44:24 PM
"I was hit by a car" That's all I gotta quote.

9/4/2009 10:46:43 PM
This is the most dramatic band on Lambgoat. http://lambgoat.com/news/archives.aspx?search=Li

9/4/2009 10:48:29 PM
courage crew?...this is just music people. Maglight flip

9/4/2009 10:57:30 PM
courage crew? does that mean xtryantx was there giving kids sweet face tattoos?

9/4/2009 11:06:30 PM
lol holy shit

9/4/2009 11:12:47 PM
Best news ever posted.

9/4/2009 11:15:58 PM
rape some more girls

9/4/2009 11:23:07 PM
I have laughed harder, but I've never felt so good after.

9/4/2009 11:25:32 PM
Messed but still funny the whole event sounds like dumbass band gets beat by dumbass kids lol

9/4/2009 11:38:03 PM
their band name fits them perfectly

9/4/2009 11:43:49 PM

9/4/2009 11:48:08 PM

9/4/2009 11:48:28 PM

9/4/2009 11:51:02 PM
best thing to happen in my hometown, ALMOST wish i would've gone to see this

9/4/2009 11:57:02 PM
this is dumb.

9/5/2009 12:13:57 AM
getting smashed with a maglight is mad cool bro

9/5/2009 12:31:38 AM
fck those stupid kids. Liferuiner dudes have done nothing to deserve this. Its all new repectable dudes. fck the haters

9/5/2009 12:38:03 AM
lambgoat goes all TMZ and shit. photos!

9/5/2009 12:42:27 AM
If they were such respectable dudes, I doubt they'd join that band. And way to think Courage Crew would give two shits about your gay fcking band. Someone finish them next time.

9/5/2009 12:47:39 AM

9/5/2009 12:49:31 AM
i agree, theyre all new dudes. if they wanted to be tough why did they run. gays

9/5/2009 12:50:52 AM
I dont give a fck about Liferuiner getting beat up, but jesus, kids at shows have no balls anymore. They NEVER settle shit one on one. NEVER.

9/5/2009 12:52:50 AM
New dudes or not, they deserved it. Why would you WANT to join a band with the kind of reputation they have? Expect shit like this to happen. Don't like it? Quit. This was a long time coming.

9/5/2009 12:59:04 AM
pssy bullshit. ALL the current LR guys and their TM are nice dudes. Those 18 OHioans must be super soft if they needed bats, pipes, and brass knuckles to take on 5 dudes and still left bloody with a busted car. Fail Train goes chooch chooch.

9/5/2009 1:01:10 AM
lol @ people defending this band

9/5/2009 1:08:26 AM
This is what you get for stealing this band from the people who actually started it. Sorry guys, but you diserved it.

9/5/2009 1:16:23 AM
liferuiner should stay the fck away from long island you covershitband

9/5/2009 1:30:37 AM
"we respect all venues" - lying gay band.

9/5/2009 1:41:15 AM
no care about liferuiner, but ohio sucks a dck. pa >>>>>>

9/5/2009 1:42:34 AM
1 million views, 1 thousand comments later...

9/5/2009 1:48:01 AM
someone give a medal to the state of Ohio for fcking up overly "straight edge" jerks. first, Suffocate Faster and now Liferuiner...we can only hope XtyrantX has a tour stop in Ohio soon.

9/5/2009 1:53:58 AM
so xTUFFx, funny and stupid all at the same time

9/5/2009 1:54:21 AM
fck this band, regardless of how 'respectable' the new members are. That's the same as saying some neo-nazis you met were respectable. Also, who the fck names their band Did You Mean Australia?

9/5/2009 2:28:28 AM
don't maglite me bro

9/5/2009 2:37:42 AM
sgt_crumbles...what do neo nazis have anything to do with the new members of LR being good dudes? you are going out on a limb...and that branch broke.

9/5/2009 3:05:29 AM
Whether its Liferuiner or not, 13 on 5 is gay pssy shit. fck Dayton kids.

9/5/2009 3:19:30 AM
What the fck is Ohio?

9/5/2009 3:39:46 AM
Assailants were 'goaters, no question about it.

9/5/2009 4:01:57 AM
List of gayry goes as follows: Liferuiner gay skiers in the Monte carlo Ohio Sgt_grumble

9/5/2009 4:41:09 AM
i hope this band never ends so i can always read news stories like this about them

9/5/2009 5:24:00 AM
supreme roflmao @ dont maglite me bro haha.

9/5/2009 7:39:26 AM
who the fck is Courage Crew? sounds like a bunch of fcking gays that sit around play tug dck! who the fck cares theyre a bunch a pussies anyway! LIFERUINER IS ALWAYS WELCOME IN COLORADO!! fck THE REST OF YOU!

9/5/2009 7:44:00 AM
@gymclassjerk not out on a limb at all. same thing as saying neo-nazis aren't bad dudes because they weren't directly responsible for the holocaust. fck this band everything they've ever stood for and anyone in it. i will now rep ohio harder

9/5/2009 8:49:01 AM
another episode of "as the gay turns"

9/5/2009 9:15:22 AM
This is the most gay thing i've ever heard. People actually care this much about hardcore?

9/5/2009 9:55:18 AM
stupidest fcking gay shit trash I have ever read

9/5/2009 10:33:21 AM
i like this band, and this was a shitty event and everything...but why the fck post it on lambgoat of all the places in the world?

9/5/2009 10:42:33 AM
best fcking news i've heard all day. only if johnny oc was there with them....

9/5/2009 10:44:58 AM
and for "if they wanted to be tough, why did they run". its cuz they didn't wanna go to jail. who wants to get arrested.

9/5/2009 10:58:09 AM
ohio representing hard

9/5/2009 11:40:59 AM
best news ever... coming from an ohio goater

9/5/2009 11:49:02 AM
yet another reason why all hardcore bands and hardcore kids fcking fail.

9/5/2009 12:09:01 PM
Why would anyone ever give "props" to their enemies?! That's a sign of weakness right there! Liferuiner giving respect to them earns just the opposite in my book. Get fcked.

9/5/2009 12:27:16 PM
Bahahaha. Fun.

9/5/2009 1:12:45 PM
i love my friends.and if im not mistaken there were not more then 6 of them. so i think saying there were 10 more then you guys would be a lie,wouldnt it. i thinks its funny

9/5/2009 1:13:33 PM
This is great.

9/5/2009 1:22:20 PM
in Ohio no one can hear you scream

9/5/2009 1:39:02 PM
"mad cool"

9/5/2009 1:49:43 PM
Man, first Ohio takes Dimebag, and now THIS? When will it end??

9/5/2009 2:08:23 PM
Let this be a lesson, STAY THE fck OUT OF OHIO. WE DON'T WANT YOU gayS HERE.

9/5/2009 2:29:51 PM
This is really..... the BEST shit I have ever fcking read. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

9/5/2009 2:33:44 PM
I've seen bands go after stupid people in the crowd but never heard of one getting jumped after a show. its MUSIC, why attack the band????

9/5/2009 2:54:40 PM
why does this band have such a bad rep?

9/5/2009 2:59:04 PM
lol @ all these news posters defending liferuiner. hope they get attacked next. do do ka do do OOHHHHHHHHHH

9/5/2009 3:05:47 PM
was waiting for someone to mention dime to say : stfu, liferuiner lives play another day

9/5/2009 3:25:54 PM
fck me? fck you. fck Hardcore.

9/5/2009 4:45:41 PM
"we respect all venues, promoters, and opening bands" thats bullshit. lambgoat needs to stop posting LR news, they're only getting fame through drama, they have no real music talent, shit like this proves it.

9/5/2009 4:50:07 PM
the kid with the Maglite sounds cool...

9/5/2009 5:02:42 PM
LOL @ getting hit by a car

9/5/2009 5:15:01 PM
This is why my band travels with a fully legal and registered .45

9/5/2009 5:51:21 PM
... being overly disrespectful which is something none of us are down with... O LOL

9/5/2009 5:53:51 PM
best news ive heard all day!

9/5/2009 6:03:39 PM
i just got burnt out on all the edge bullshit. sorry if i offend but, you dont drink or do drugs. So fcking what. you can be that way with out boasting about it.

9/5/2009 6:08:24 PM
"I'm gonna rep Ohio even harder!!!" hahahaha...Drew Carey is as hard as Ohio will ever get.

9/5/2009 6:46:27 PM
LIFERUINER appreshhhhhh

9/5/2009 7:10:37 PM
Most posts ever

9/5/2009 7:50:31 PM
*Liferuiners new manager is Pitbull Dan FSU, and has become real tight with 24, DMC, DKC, Courage Crew, and even more...sounds like sooomeoness in trouuble! Those little dudes better hide and not play shows anymore!

9/5/2009 7:51:41 PM
Jus' sayin.

9/5/2009 8:04:45 PM
kinda feel bad for the new dudes in the band, but general L0l @ fake straight edge bands getting jumped.

9/5/2009 8:14:59 PM
hey Castro_nyhc - Sept 9th fight me

9/5/2009 8:25:49 PM
100th reply and no care

9/5/2009 8:32:14 PM

9/5/2009 9:44:30 PM
God I love this state. Its about time someone beat the shit out of this band, I guess if they had all of their ex members with them they would have been fine...

9/5/2009 9:48:18 PM
cultclassic is crying right now

9/5/2009 10:07:11 PM
they got it in ohio like cam'ron http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epP7i7unWdU

9/5/2009 11:09:40 PM
Lol at giving someone who beat you up props...that's like saying "go ahead beat us up again we are pussies!!Steal our van too!"

9/6/2009 12:39:42 AM
not going to bother reading, but too bad they werent stabbed to death. gays obviously deserved it.

9/6/2009 1:09:54 AM
I'm just stopping by to once again say: HAHAHAHAHAHA. fck this band.

9/6/2009 1:32:05 AM
did they get their bag of jewels stolen?

9/6/2009 2:03:27 AM
first post

9/6/2009 2:14:01 AM
lol @ "who the fck is courage crew?...." aww you must be new to hc

9/6/2009 2:28:57 AM
xi was hit by a carx

9/6/2009 3:04:48 AM
i definatly love Ohio. Btw, who the fck is this liferuiner band? I like how the singer admits noone was at the show besides 3 people

9/6/2009 3:36:46 AM
Ohio sucks, liferuiner sucks even harder

9/6/2009 7:33:15 AM
"but we are not going to run, ever" Didn't these guys get kicked out of California just a few months back? Almost too hard not to laugh at this "News"

9/6/2009 9:10:08 AM
what of the bag of jewels?! THE JEWELS!!!

9/6/2009 11:15:00 AM
Communication over the internet should be abolished. I am SO glad there are NO tough guys in Kansas City, and I speak our lack of toughness PROUDLY. Long live LR.

9/6/2009 12:03:02 PM
hahah i hate your music but at least your not being pssys about being jumped still ist funny as fck should of happened to emmure as well

9/6/2009 12:15:01 PM
Best news on Lambgoat yet. Only thing better would be if they were too comatose to post this shit.

9/6/2009 2:10:10 PM
i dont even know who this band is, but if all you people hate them so much, why are you giving them so much press by posting so many comments about this gayry?

9/6/2009 2:10:23 PM
Flawless Victory!

9/6/2009 2:30:20 PM

9/6/2009 2:30:20 PM

9/6/2009 2:32:43 PM

9/6/2009 6:09:48 PM
Some of the comments on here...

9/6/2009 6:16:02 PM
shoulda put that shit on youtube!

9/7/2009 1:37:57 AM
stay the fck out of ohio gays.

9/7/2009 1:52:40 AM
when the fck are these guys going to take the fcking hint.

9/7/2009 12:00:21 PM
liferuiner is a bunch of fuggin gays who loves to get butt beatd by horses

9/7/2009 12:57:06 PM
yo gymclass, I guess you're right- ohio probably isn't as hard as the goo-crusted keyboard that you're typing on in your mom's bastufft. gay

9/7/2009 1:39:02 PM
man, i go away for a few days and look what i missed!!

9/7/2009 2:39:18 PM
maybe these guys should take the hint and just die already.

9/7/2009 3:05:19 PM
Landmine_spring 9/6/2009 2:14:01 AM lol @ "who the fck is courage crew?...." aww you must be new to hc........ This dude IS hardcore. He has been hardcore since day one. HC4LYFE

9/7/2009 4:13:47 PM
Emmure should have been on this...

9/7/2009 5:30:56 PM
all you haters are giving this band so much hype. if you dont like them then why do you have to post? What is so hard about ignoring? with names likes internet_tough_guy lol...

9/7/2009 6:33:52 PM
@fuall^^^....do you know what Lambgoat is? hahahaha.

9/7/2009 6:37:14 PM
"i was hit by a car, which knocked the jewels out of my hand and onto the ground"

9/8/2009 2:05:54 AM
...I've never seen a lambgoat post hit 10,000 views. Dang its pretty close!

9/8/2009 6:16:27 AM
The converge exclusive in August got more than 19000 views...

9/8/2009 10:18:07 AM
everyone needs to stop suckin this bands dck.. bitches

9/8/2009 10:50:30 AM
hahaha the best news ive heard all year

9/8/2009 12:50:13 PM
sounds like a NIGHTRUINER. amirite?

9/8/2009 2:10:55 PM
MOVE132 9/5/2009 7:39:26 AM LIFERUINER IS ALWAYS WELCOME IN COLORADO!! fck THE REST OF YOU!...... Actually numbnuts, they pretty much are not welcome in Colorado at all because of their show in canon city.

9/8/2009 3:24:03 PM
HINDER would have took em' all down ; that is true bad ass band and for ohio... it's just the most bad ass hard core state there is !

9/8/2009 5:35:55 PM
exmembersof - ohio is as soft as my c-ck at the thought of fun with your mom.

9/8/2009 9:28:15 PM
Change your fcking band name already and maybe that wont happen.

9/8/2009 10:38:22 PM
"wiferuiner_666 9/5/2009 2:28:28 AM don't maglite me bro" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

9/8/2009 10:42:22 PM

9/9/2009 12:19:37 AM
i would hope it'd be soft, she's pushing 50 and obese. then again, you like liferuiner, so maybe your judgment isn't so clear

9/9/2009 2:04:14 AM
HeavyDutyAtThaAirport 9/5/2009 2:59:04 PM lol @ all these news posters defending liferuiner. hope they get attacked next. do do ka do do OOHHHHHHHHHH LOL. news poster demeans fellow news posters.

9/9/2009 12:35:36 PM
change band name or gang beat

9/9/2009 1:14:42 PM
Now all of a sudden Liferuiner is cool? Do we have new members or are people just bi-polar? fck LIFERUINER.

9/10/2009 12:34:59 AM
damn this is a hot piece of news on LG! oh, I don't like Liferuiner. bad band, and pretty fake dudes.

9/10/2009 11:30:12 AM
Gives Liferuiner cred for getting their asses kicked, even though they suck. Whatever kids did this need to man up and fight them one on one, this jumping people shit is ridiculous.

9/12/2009 10:00:42 PM
this is the queerist shit i seen

12/2/2010 10:46:20 PM
Maglite Labyrinth

12/10/2011 10:31:51 PM
This shits so funny, i'm friends with a dude who's band played this show, and liferuiner got the SHIT kicked out of them super hard. but they deserved it from what i heard, and apparently it's because it wasn't the original liferuiner from canada, and they were stealing symbols and shit from some crew. and they suck. hahahaha