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Kiss It Goodbye reforming

Sunday, June 05, 2005 8:45 PM PT

Lambgoat has now learned that influential band Kiss It Goodbye is now planning to reform. If you're not familiar with KIG, the group released material with Revelation Records in the mid-90s before disbanding in 1998. The extent of the reformation hasn't been finalized, but the group hopes to begin playing occasional shows this Fall, with more extensive tours planned for 2006. In addition to Tim Singer (Deadguy, No Escape), Thomas Rusnak (Rorschach), and Andrew Gormley, guitarist Demian Johnston (Playing Enemy is on board as well. Additionally, the band will reportedly play some of Singer's favorite Deadguy and No Escape songs live.

Meanwhile, some of you may recall that Singer and Rusnak had formed a project called Family Man with Andrew Gormley in late-2003. Nine Family Man songs are currently being recorded and will likely be released late this year. A record label to release the material hasn't yet been decided upon.

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