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Franz Stahl (ex-Foo Fighters, DYS) call Chris Cornell 'selfish'

Monday, May 22, 2017 8:36 AM PT

Franz Stahl, once a member of the Foo Fighters, and currently a member of both seminal Washington D.C. punk/hardcore band Scream and Boston-based hardcore band DYS, took to Facebook over the weekend to essentially excoriate Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell for taking his own life. Here's what Stahl had to say:

"Wow… I find it very sad as a father to see all these sad eulogies for your fallen kept rockstars where the real sadness is what so selfishly was left behind… his children. They are forever now without a father… a pillar of love… safety… strength… guidance.

"You wanna off yourself cause your incapacitated or brain dead shitting yourself and a burden to everyone so be it. But just think of your kids and how fucked it all will be now.

"Now I loved Soundgarden… but Audiosoave was fucking lamesville… but does all that really matter to his kids? They just wanted to see your face when you got home… to hear your voice... to feel your hugs… to barrow the fucking car to go to In and Out Burger. Thanks Dad…"

Stahl has since deleted the Facebook post.

[via Alternative Nation]

UPDATE: Various parties have contacted Stahl regarding his comments, and he's now been distributing the following:

"I'm no stranger to what some of us deal with in life... a fatherless upbringing... suicide in my family and my own depression. With that said... upon reading the news I was initially overwhelmed with sadness, then it became anger, however unwarranted. In that moment I just blurted it out... said things and posted it. It was, however, insensitive and wrong on many levels and since deleted. People close to me know I'm not that person, and well, how can you walk that back? This is my only recompense."
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