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The Ghost Inside guitarist to undergo 'major' surgery

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 5:38 PM PT

The Ghost Inside guitar player Zach Johnson will undergo a significant operation in two weeks in an effort to properly fix his broken femur, one of many injuries suffered by Johnson and his bandmates in their 2015 tour bus crash. Johnson had this to say about the procedure:

"So I'm sure some of you know my femur hasn't healed. I had a small surgery in September, and since then it's hurt like fucking hell. Our plan of action didn't work.

"April 13th I'll be going in for my twelfth surgery (a major one). They'll take all the hardware out of my right leg, take bone from my right tibia, and fuse it where the break is. Then put a metal plate over it, put a new metal rod running the length of my femur, and 2 screws in my knee, and 2 in my hip. I'm honestly not that stressed about the actual surgery, I've had so many it just seems normal to me now. What DOES suck is I'll be taking huge steps backwards in recovery, and will be off my feet for a few months. But I just want to get it done, and in the past. From there I can finally make permanent progress.

"I can't thank you all enough for being in my corner throughout this fight. It means the world to me! #TGIforever"
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