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Blood For Blood: ugly rumors follow cancellations

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4:31 PM PT

If you frequent hardcore message boards, you may have come across a surprising explanation for the recent cancellation of Blood For Blood's "Wasted Nights" shows. If you read the original announcement, you'll note that the only rationale for the cancellation was "a situation that has arisen involving Buddha."

Buddha is, of course, Blood For Blood vocalist Erick Medina, and some disturbing accusations are now being lobbed his way. We won't provide details, as they won't serve much purpose here, but they are not good in any stretch of the imagination. And though Medina does have some defenders out there, a few people likely to know the truth lend credence to the accusations either with their words, or lack thereof. Among those speaking out is Shattered Realm member Joe None, who said the following of the rumors online today: "If you need validation, here it is. Tell the world I told you." Pretty damning right there.

Meanwhile, on Blood For Blood's official Facebook page, the person(s) in charge of the account have deleted dozens of inflammatory comments relative to Medina. Several of the comments came from individuals who claim to have been present during the alleged incident.

We were hesitant to post anything, but since we've received several emails about it and people have been searching "Blood For Blood" consistently on Lambgoat throughout the day, we figured we'd address the matter. We did spend a good portion of the morning attempting to find official confirmation, or get some sort of comment from the band, all to no avail. We're sure more information will surface shortly.

UPDATE #1 (6/28/2012): By not specifying the alleged incident, we've obviously facilitated the spread of misinformation via our comment section. Since you've no doubt read those, we'll offer this much: the allegation is that several weeks ago Medina had inappropriate (albeit brief) and uninvited contact with a minor female (a family friend). Contrary to some rumors, there was no sexual intercourse. Regardless, any contact sexual in nature with a minor is despicable and obviously highly illegal. A solid source informs us that the police were not contacted in this matter, though a formal complaint was filed with social services. Any way you slice it, I wouldn't expect to see Blood For Blood perform again.
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