This Is Hardcore Fest news


1/23/2018The full set of Code Orange at This Is Hardcore 2017 is now available for viewing.
1/13/2018Multi-camera footage of Terror's full This Is Hardcore 2017 set has been uploaded.
12/22/2017Pro-shot footage of Earth Crisis performing at This Is Hardcore 2017 is now online.
9/7/2017Video: Disembodied's entire set from This Is Hardcore 2017.
1/4/2017Multi-camera footage of Code Orange's entire set at This Is Hardcore 2016 has been uploaded.
1/23/2016Pro-shot footage of Turnstile's set from This Is Hardcore 2015 is now online.
11/20/2015Video of American Nightmare's full set from This Is Hardcore 2015 is available online.
10/21/2015Here is video of Bane's entire set from This Is Hardcore 2015.
9/18/2015Multi-camera footage of Code Orange's set at This Is Hardcore 2015 has been posted.
9/29/2014Video footage of Turmoil's set from This Is Hardcore 2014 is available online.
2/27/2014The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza has been confirmed for This Is Hardcore Fest 2014.
8/25/2012Video of full sets from Earth Crisis, Terror, and Ringworm at the 2012 This Is Hardcore Fest are available online.


4/23/2018This Is Hardcore 2018 final lineup announced
3/30/2018This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
3/27/2017This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
3/23/2017Pulling Teeth announce reunion show, album reissue
7/19/2016Terror cancel European tour, drop off This Is Hardcore
3/28/2016This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
2/29/2016Ruiner to reunite at This Is Hardcore 2016
4/27/2015This Is Hardcore addresses lack of women in fest
3/30/2015This is Hardcore 2015 lineup announced
2/20/2015Snapcase confirms North America shows
4/1/2014This Is Hardcore Fest 2014 lineup announced
5/20/2013This Is Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup finalized
5/3/2013This Is Hardcore Fest reveals more bands, schedule
4/1/2013This Is Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
5/10/2012This Is Hardcore 2012 lineup
3/19/2012This Is Hardcore Fest announces new venue
5/30/2011This Is Hardcore 2011 (PA) announced
5/31/2010This Is Hardcore Fest (PA) details
4/27/2009This Is Hardcore 2009 (PA) takes shape
1/29/2009This Is Hardcore Fest DVD set for release
3/2/2008This Is Hardcore Fest 2008 (PA) info
7/18/2007This Is Hardcore Fest (PA) info
6/23/2006This Is Hardcore 2006 Fest (PA)