Suicidal Tendencies news


6/27/2017A new Suicidal Tendencies video has made its online debut.
8/5/2016Suicidal Tendencies have debuted a new song.
1/22/2015Body Count has premiered a video for their modern version of Suicidal Tendencies' classic song, "Institutionalized."
6/13/2014How much does it REALLY cost to book your favorite band for a show?
4/20/2014Suicidal Tendencies' new video for "Slam City" is now online.
7/20/2013Riot Fest 2013 has added several bands, and lost a few others.
3/23/2013Suicidal Tendencies have premiered another song from their forthcoming album.
2/24/2013Suicidal Tendencies are previewing a video for a song from their forthcoming album.


12/3/2017Suicidal Tendencies finish recording new EP
6/12/2017Houston Open Air 2017 lineup announced
6/6/2017Aftershock 2017 announced
3/27/2017Blackest Of The Black festival lineup announced
1/9/2017Rocklahoma 2017 lineup announced
1/2/2017Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar, Havok tour
8/31/2016Suicidal Tendencies announce tour dates, preview song
7/18/2016Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies tour
7/15/2016Suicidal Tendencies set to release new LP, preview online
5/16/2016Dave Lombardo to drum on new Suicidal Tendencies album
2/20/2016Dave Lombardo to play drums for Suicidal Tendencies on tour
12/7/2015Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Children Of Bodom tour
7/27/2015Slipknot announces fall headline tour
6/28/2015Knotfest 2015 lineup announced
5/26/2015Monster Energy Aftershock Festival 2015 announced
3/18/2015Motorhead's Motorboat 2015 announced
12/8/2014Welcome To Rockville Festival 2015 lineup
10/22/2014Suicidal Tendencies announce headlining shows
8/27/2014Suicidal Tendencies bassist Tim Williams dies
6/23/2014Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus tour
3/7/2014Ink N Iron Festival lineup announced
1/28/2014Swiss man dies after stage dive at Terror show
1/21/2014Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus tour dates
1/18/2014Slayer, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies tour
1/16/2014Rock On The Range lineup (Slayer, Mastodon, more)
9/24/2013Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Trash Talk tour
6/11/2013Converse free shows to include Quicksand, Mastodon
3/13/2013Suicidal Tendencies detail new album, debut song
2/22/2013Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Sick Of It All tour
1/9/2013New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup
10/16/2012Suicidal Tendencies tour (Australia)