Nuclear Blast Records news


4/7/2012Scion A/V has produced some nifty videos featuring a behind-the-scenes view of label Nuclear Blast USA.
4/4/2012Meshuggah's new album, Koloss, has given Nuclear Blast USA their highest sales and Billboard 200 debuts ever.
12/27/2011A behind-the-scenes video for Psycroptic's new album as been posted.
12/24/2011Eluveitie has uploaded a song from their forthcoming full-length.
12/16/2011Psycroptic has unveiled a song from their next album.


4/23/2018Khemmis announce new album, premiere video
4/19/2018Nuclear Blast signs Nailed To Obscurity
4/12/2018Comeback Kid announces new two-song EP
4/12/2018Nuclear Blast Records signs The Spirit
4/11/2018Madball to release new album in June
4/8/2018Korpiklaani to release new album in September
3/17/2018Overkill live album set for release, new video online
3/14/2018Tankard re-signs with Nuclear Blast
2/22/2018Amorphis announces new album
1/18/2018Memoriam album set for release
1/10/2018Nuclear Blast Records partners with ADA
1/9/2018Terror to release new album this year
11/17/2017Machine Head announce new album, premiere song
9/20/2017Nuclear Blast signs Letters From The Colony
9/16/2017Destruction to release new album in November
9/14/2017Nuclear Blast re-signs Amorphis
8/7/2017Enslaved announces new album
6/16/2017Cradle Of Filth to release new album in September
6/15/2017Thy Art Is Murder album set for release, new song online
6/14/2017Comeback Kid details new album
6/9/2017Comeback Kid sign with Nuclear Blast, premiere new song
6/9/2017Venom Inc premiere song, set to release new album
6/8/2017Paradise Lost reveal artwork, release date for new album
6/3/2017Rings Of Saturn announce new album, premiere song
5/19/2017Decrepit Birth announce new album, premiere song
5/11/2017Possessed signs with Nuclear Blast Records
5/11/2017Origin announces new album
4/28/2017Municipal Waste announce new album, premiere song
4/28/2017Decapitated announce new album, premiere song
4/12/2017Suffocation to release new album in June
3/24/2017Belphegor reveals title, release date of new album
3/1/2017My Dying Bride signs with Nuclear Blast Records
2/17/2017Nuclear Blast Records signs Venom Inc
1/15/2017Memoriam unveil new song, set to release debut LP
12/15/2016Immolation announce new album, premiere song
11/30/2016Nuclear Blast signs The Charm The Fury
11/16/2016Overkill announces new album
10/28/2016Kreator to release new album in January
10/28/2016Sepultura announces new album
10/25/2016For Today members form new band, premiere song
8/25/2016In Flames to release new LP in November, new song online
7/18/2016Opeth to release new album in September
7/8/2016Testament announces new album
7/1/2016Thy Art Is Murder, Acacia Strain, Fit For An Autopsy split EP
6/27/2016Memoriam (Bolt Thrower, Benediction) signs with Nuclear Blast
6/24/2016SharpTone Records launches, signs Attila, Miss May I, more
6/23/2016Attila, Miss May I, WCAR rumored to have signed with new label
6/14/2016Paradise Lost signs with Nuclear Blast Records
6/13/2016Vader to release new album in September
6/2/2016Meshuggah announce '25 years of Musical Deviance' box set
5/17/2016Rings of Saturn sign with Nuclear Blast
5/11/2016Carnifex announce new album, preview music
4/19/2016Despised Icon to release new album 'Beast' in July
4/12/2016Despised Icon sign with Nuclear Blast, to release new album
1/28/2016Mantar to release new album in April
12/8/2015Fleshgod Apocalypse album set for release
12/2/2015Hatebreed signs with Nuclear Blast, recording new album
11/30/2015Mantar signs with Nuclear Blast Records
11/4/2015Nuclear Blast Records signs Discharge; new song online
11/2/2015Anthrax announces new album title, release date
11/2/2015Bury Tomorrow announce new album, premiere title track
10/21/2015Textures announce two new albums
10/14/2015Danzig signs deal with Nuclear Blast Records
8/10/2015Speaking The King's to release new LP in October
8/10/2015For Today announces new album 'Wake'
7/30/2015For Today signs with Nuclear Blast
7/28/2015Nuclear Blast signs Gentlemans Pistols
7/26/2015Overkill to release 'Historikill' box set
6/15/2015Amorphis announces new album Under The Red Cloud
6/8/2015Children of Bodom announce new album
5/28/2015Soilwork to release 'The Ride Majestic' in August
5/26/2015Nile announces new album
5/22/2015Slayer announces new album title, release date
5/18/2015Symphony X announces new album
5/11/2015Death Angel announces DVD, live album
5/1/2015Cradle Of Filth album set for release
3/27/2015Overkill signs with Nuclear Blast Records
3/6/2015Kataklysm complete new album; release date set
2/18/2015Slayer set to release new 7-inch
1/30/2015Korpiklaani re-sign w/ Nuclear Blast; record album
1/21/2015Agnostic Front detail new album
12/15/2014Enslaved details new album
12/4/2014Melechesh to release new album in February
11/10/2014Cradle Of Filth & Nuclear Blast ink worldwide deal
9/23/2014Carcass detail Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP
9/5/2014Rise Of The Northstar sign deal with Nuclear Blast
8/25/2014Sonata Arctica to release re-recorded debut album
8/7/2014Meshuggah to reissue 2004 EP 'I'
7/31/2014Exodus to release new album in October
7/29/2014Scar Symmetry to release new album in October
7/21/2014Nuclear Blast Records signs Crobot
7/9/2014Decapitated announces new album
6/18/2014Accept to release new album in August
6/9/2014Kataklysm re-signs with Nuclear Blast Records
6/4/2014Biohazard signs deal with Nuclear Blast Records
5/8/2014Origin to release new album in July
4/24/2014Slayer leave American Recs, sign w/ Nuclear Blast
3/17/2014Belphegor announces new album title, release date
3/7/2014Vader completes new album
1/17/2014Nuclear Blast Records signs The Exploited
1/6/2014Bury Tomorrow announces new album
12/18/2013Carnifex album set for release
11/21/2013Grand Magus album set for release
8/21/2013Nuclear Blast Records signs Generation Kill
8/15/2013Testament details new live DVD/CD release
7/31/2013Nuclear Blast Records signs Avatarium
7/9/2013Carnifex signs with Nuclear Blast Records
6/20/2013Fleshgod Apocalypse album set for release
5/23/2013Carcass signs with Nuclear Blast Records
4/9/2013Nuclear Blast Records signs Ashes of Ares
3/18/2013Children of Bodom album set for release
3/4/2013Arsis to release new album in April
2/21/2013Immolation album set for release
2/13/2013Dark Sermon signs European deal with Nuclear Blast
2/5/2013Nuclear Blast Records signs Kadavar
1/18/2013Amorphis to release new album in April
1/15/2013Anthrax details "Anthems" EP
1/11/2013Lost Society debut set for release
12/7/2012Suffocation details new album
12/3/2012Soilwork album set for release
11/29/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Enforcer
11/26/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Speaking The King's
10/30/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Lost Society
10/23/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Free Fall
10/16/2012Holy Grail signs with Nuclear Blast for Europe
10/11/2012Hatebreed signs with Razor & Tie
9/10/2012Suicide Silence signs with Nuclear Blast Ent.
8/16/2012Nuclear Blast announces U.S. partnership
7/24/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Orchid
7/20/2012All Shall Perish: label clarifies download lawsuit
6/22/2012Sylosis completes new album
6/22/2012Children of Bodom signs with Nuclear Blast
6/20/2012Threshold album set for release
6/19/2012Eluveitie to release 'The Early Years' CD package
6/6/2012Nuclear Blast signs Surrounded By Monsters
5/16/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Witchcraft
5/15/2012Testament album set for release
5/10/2012Korpiklaani reveals details of new album
4/25/2012Enslaved signs worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast
4/24/2012Nile album set for release
4/11/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Heathen
4/2/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Bury Tomorrow
3/8/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Grand Magus
2/14/2012Nuclear Blast Records signs Tankard
2/6/2012Kreator album set for release
12/17/2011Threshold titles new album
12/15/2011Municipal Waste completes new album
11/1/2011Scion Label Showcase announced
9/30/2011Like Moths To Flames, Nuclear Blast ink Euro deal
8/27/2011Texas In July signs European deal w/ Nuclear Blast
7/22/2011We Came As Romans ink Euro deal w/ Nuclear Blast
7/1/2011Nuclear Blast Records signs Cipher System
6/16/2011Municipal Waste signs with Nuclear Blast
6/8/2011Nuclear Blast Records signs Tasters
5/5/2011Nuclear Blast signs Fleshgod Apocalypse
1/13/2011Nuclear Blast Records signs Graveyard
12/23/2010Nuclear Blast signs Before The Dawn
12/6/2010Nuclear Blast Records re-signs Condemned?
11/18/2010Origin signs with Nuclear Blast Records
11/15/2010Nuclear Blast signs While Heaven Wept
7/7/2010Nuclear Blast to release Cradle Of Filth album
7/6/2010Sepultura signs with Nuclear Blast Records
6/9/2010Destruction returns to Nuclear Blast Records
2/25/2010Madball signs European deal with Nuclear Blast
2/12/2010Nuclear Blast signs World Under Blood
2/9/2010Kreator signs with Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2009Throwdown signs European deal w/ Nuclear Blast
10/30/2009Overkill signs deal with Nuclear Blast
8/26/2009Nuclear Blast launches Anstalt Records
7/24/2009Nuclear Blast Records signs Unleashed
6/27/2009Immolation signs with Nuclear Blast
6/10/2009Nuclear Blast Recs warns unsigned bands of scam
5/29/2009Nuclear Blast Records signs Textures
4/9/2009Nuclear Blast Records signs Vader
3/18/2009Nuclear Blast signs Annotations Of An Autopsy
1/27/2009Nuclear Blast Records signs Augury
1/13/2009Chimaira re-signs with Nuclear Blast
12/5/2008Nuclear Blast Recs signs Ex Deo (Kataklysm)
8/15/2008Enslaved secures deal with Nuclear Blast
7/28/2008Bleeding Through signs Euro deal w/ Nuclear Blast
7/12/2008Kataklysm re-signs with Nuclear Blast Recs
6/20/2008Nuclear Blast Records signs Psycroptic
5/27/2008Exodus re-signs with Nuclear Blast Records
5/13/2008Nuclear Blast Records signs Decrepit Birth
5/9/2008Nuclear Blast Records signs Callejon
4/18/2008Nuclear Blast Records signs Hackneyed
3/15/2008Nuclear Blast Recs signs Keep Of Kalessin
1/18/2008Nuclear Blast Records signs Sylosis
1/16/2008Metal Mind Prod. signs deal w/ Nuclear Blast
12/13/2007Nuclear Blast Records signs The Crinn
12/12/2007Nuclear Blast Records signs SWWAATS
12/10/2007Nuclear Blast extends Century Family contract
12/3/2007Nuclear Blast Records signs Divinity
11/14/2007Decapitated signs with Nuclear Blast Records
11/12/2007In Flames extends deal with Nuclear Blast
9/1/2007Nuclear Blast Records signs Korpiklaani
7/6/2007Testament signs w/ Nuclear Blast Records
3/4/2007Nuclear Blast Records signs Samael
10/13/2006Nuclear Blast Records signs Equilibrium
7/13/2006Nuclear Blast Records signs Belphegor
7/7/2006Nuclear Blast Records signs Threshold
5/26/2006Nuclear Blast Records signs Nile
4/16/2006I (Immortal, Enslaved, etc.) sign w/ Nuclear Blast
4/13/2006Nuclear Blast Records signs Mendeed
1/28/2006Voivod signs European deal w/ Nuclear Blast
11/13/2005Nuclear Blast signs Coldseed
10/28/2005Dimmu Borgir to re-issue Stormblast
9/22/2005Misery Index part w/ Nuclear Blast Records
8/9/2005Dimmu Borgir re-sign w/ Nuclear Blast
6/22/2005Nuclear Blast signs Scar Symmetry
4/24/2005Amorphis re-sign with Nuclear Blast
4/14/2005Nuclear Blast signs Blind Guardian
3/27/2005Nuclear Blast Records signs Sirenia
3/26/2005Candlemass prepare to release new album
3/24/2005Nuclear Blast Records signs Gorefest
1/27/2005Raunchy and Nuclear Blast Records part ways
12/6/2004All Shall Perish sign w/ Nuclear Blast
11/11/2004Bleed The Sky sign w/ Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2004Barcode signs w/ Nuclear Blast Records
9/29/2004Nuclear Blast Records signs The Duskfall
9/1/2004Agnostic Front signs w/ Nuclear Blast
8/22/2004Nuclear Blast Records signs Communic
1/13/2003Misery Index to record new album in March
10/4/2002Misery Index signs with Nuclear Blast
11/15/2000Nuclear Blast & Century Media