Imperial Triumphant

easyhateoven 7/12/2018 6:59:54 PM
everyone seems to be blown away by their new album, but after i saw "NYC's avant-black metallers..." I immediately lost interest.
wee_bastid 7/12/2018 7:31:55 PM
I've enjoyed everything they've done. this will probably be one of my favorites this year.
unvisitedgrave 7/12/2018 7:37:34 PM
They were cool live. Vocalist/guitar player made a drunk ass of himself when I saw them.

He got pissy when someone scuffed his "$500 boots."
unvisitedgrave 7/12/2018 7:38:46 PM
also this was on that same site
easyhateoven 7/12/2018 8:40:18 PM
haha gross
BULLETHEAD 7/15/2018 10:29:29 PM
it's frickin' good
zordy 7/15/2018 10:57:46 PM
dude i was going to post the gayC/DC thing to thats f*kkin hilarious
easyhateoven 7/15/2018 11:50:43 PM