Who wants to be my Halloween partner?

portslob 7/12/2018 5:02:22 PM
This is our costume
zordy 7/12/2018 5:05:34 PM
it was nice of them to put the towel on the tree damn thats some old fashioned middle eastern hospitality right there
toot_toot 7/12/2018 5:25:53 PM
Party at portslobs house !

Be there or be square!
spaceghhost 7/12/2018 5:27:00 PM
Not really, that was my fcking towel and that was towel Tuesday when they took it off me. jerks.
XSHAT_CREWX 7/12/2018 7:52:02 PM
Amputation, and blinding, awesome

I am now ayatollah of lambgoat

Trind, kort, hands, now