Hey Zordy

Kvin666 7/11/2018 9:38:23 PM
How paranoid do you get when you hear the sound of helicopters or aircraft going by your house?
simon_belmonT 7/11/2018 9:53:08 PM
He can't hear that. He lives underground. Basically in a hobbit hole
zordy 7/11/2018 10:57:16 PM
how do you know about the underground bunker?
zordy 7/11/2018 11:00:16 PM
its not the helicopters you need to worry about anyways bro????for instance the metal coil springs in your mattress are targeted by military satellites in space to blast mind numbing brain zaps at you, which is why i sleep in a hammock made out of aluminum foil
zordy 7/11/2018 11:02:04 PM
cell phone towers secretly double as military defense against enemy invasions because the towers can be exploded like mini nuke emps????its pretty obvious
zordy 7/11/2018 11:03:33 PM
the only reason kim jong un is starting to give up his nukes is because trump showed him our secret 'rod from god' program that drops giant tungsten rods from space that impact the earth with the kinetic energy equivalent to a nuclear bomb but with no radiation fall out so nukes are obsolete now
zordy 7/11/2018 11:04:34 PM
we used it here to show him
zordy 7/11/2018 11:06:43 PM
the moon is a piece of teraform technology placed in orbit by earth to create the tides that made life move from the ocean to land and it was developed by......oh god somebody is knocking at my door hold on..ag;nsvhwe.help help help