Thursday morning in the 'dirty dirty'

wwjd 6/14/2018 9:36:36 AM
I wake but do I ever wake up or is it just more of the same. I try and push and pull but the lever to my crever has lead the lever to run dry. We try to make it throughout the week to do the small things we want. Listen to music, eat a flower and make sure our co-workers know that we are who we say we are because we do what we say we will do. No longer will we be held down by the burdens of modern Life being war and screaming fugazi while militants attack the brothel in which you were conceived. We must show the world that Wednesday is our tough day and Friday is our nut day which leaves today to be the grand design ending culminating in mixed races having free love and burgers being made in labs. The dirty clean or the clean dirty it won't matter as none of us are pure