Old man gloom just played

simon_belmonT 6/13/2018 8:55:56 PM
It was insanely crushing. Have seen all of these bands before but never on a system that sounds this good
carveyournamein 6/13/2018 9:00:28 PM
Very cool
wee_bastid 6/13/2018 9:02:32 PM
very cool. lots of tears?
webmaster 6/13/2018 9:08:15 PM
tell them to fix the live stream
xander_christ 6/13/2018 9:10:04 PM
Oh shit this was that show you've been talking about. Cool. Eat a hot dog at the show.
webmaster 6/13/2018 9:22:33 PM
i see you, Simon

spaceghhost 6/13/2018 9:53:57 PM
fcking awesome. Watching Converge stream now
xander_christ 6/13/2018 9:55:34 PM
Cancer Conspiracy played this? Oh..
wwjd 6/13/2018 10:08:01 PM
wwjd 6/13/2018 10:08:01 PM