my cat purrs when i pull his tail

cpt_howdy 6/13/2018 5:48:41 PM
like a lawnmower!
zordy 6/13/2018 5:50:03 PM
my cat makes this goofy ass face where his jaw drops and he looks amazed whenever he finds a spot that he has pissed on and it really gives it away ok cat i know you pissed now because of your stupid ass face
zordy 6/13/2018 5:51:26 PM
its the only time he ever makes that face its weird
cpt_howdy 6/13/2018 5:59:35 PM
that sounds pretty funny
don_king_lip_froth 6/13/2018 6:02:21 PM
My ex cat used to love having his tail pulled where his back legs would come off the ground.

I love you blackie...wherever you are...

*gazes into nothingness longingly*
cpt_howdy 6/13/2018 6:05:23 PM
George and IGotWorms
cpt_howdy 6/13/2018 6:09:37 PM
im not good with cameras
julesitsjeni 6/13/2018 6:10:10 PM
Your ex cat, that is so sad
toot_toot 6/13/2018 6:29:54 PM
Lol @ being dumped by a cat
AnalButt 6/13/2018 6:33:42 PM
Opening your front door and yelling "Blackie! Where are you?"