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carveyournamein 5/16/2018 8:16:32 PM
Ever seen this?
AnalButt 5/16/2018 8:19:16 PM
If we had profile pics that'd be yours
Jemenez_Cricket 5/16/2018 8:25:51 PM
nothing new for trash like you
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 8:26:38 PM
Never saw it
Good soundtrack though
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 8:27:13 PM
That one Bethlehem song is so badass
kort 5/16/2018 8:31:57 PM
corve does happen to have bacon taped to the wall next to his monitor
AnalButt 5/16/2018 8:38:38 PM
There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that carve is kort
dayman 5/16/2018 8:47:00 PM
wwjd 5/16/2018 8:47:55 PM
I looked at rearbutt first post
wwjd 5/16/2018 8:48:02 PM
celine 5/16/2018 9:51:08 PM
That tekashi 6ix 9ine video?

wwjd 5/16/2018 10:11:57 PM
Celine spends the last hour neglecting his kids and maybe legal wife amd some pathetic grinder thing to search for obscure references to gummo not relating to the movie
Jemenez_Cricket 5/16/2018 10:13:32 PM
Lol Celine would mention that terrible song
celine 5/16/2018 10:17:37 PM
Most popular rapper out right now. Obscure. Of course, dude.
wwjd 5/16/2018 10:21:58 PM
Bro I don't listen to him and if I don't listen he ain't shit. I just looked him up (hottest rapper) has under 200k YouTube subscribers and less than 1m plays on his last video one week ago (understandable for a normal underground rapper but not the hottest) his video from 4 months ago under 700k. For comparison my latest video from 3 days ago has almost 70 plays. Math wise I'm.hotter. Looks wise I'm.hotter. Breath wise I'm cooler
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