So Karl from Earth Crisis is Fat

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arty_mcfarty 5/16/2018 6:04:25 PM
Doesn't this go against the ethos of the band?

He's certainly filling his body with more toxins than a glass of beer a day would be
arty_mcfarty 5/16/2018 6:06:11 PM
godfreyj0nes 5/16/2018 6:06:37 PM
What if it's a glandular problem or poor genetics? You cant change your destiny, bro.
godfreyj0nes 5/16/2018 6:08:29 PM
If you're straight edge, can you not take meds that help control your cholesterol?
arty_mcfarty 5/16/2018 6:10:57 PM
Think about how much extra pollution processing all that soy must be creating, plus the tractors that farm it and everything else

He's destroying the planet, one tofu pup at a time!
foulmouth 5/16/2018 6:29:58 PM
I also heard Kyle from incantation has a mustache...
darfur 5/16/2018 6:31:56 PM
Careful or someone will blast you on twitter for fat shaming. Isn't that the thing to do now?
arty_mcfarty 5/17/2018 5:33:21 AM
haven't they made a career out of junkie shaming?
conduit 5/17/2018 6:11:36 AM
Never understood how anyone could be a straight edge vegan and fat. Like the dude from acacia strain, what the fck is he eating? If I didn't drink alcohol or eat meat I'd weigh 100 pounds.
zordy 5/17/2018 6:57:30 AM
' chugging riffs and barked declarations
easyhateoven 5/17/2018 7:51:51 AM
looks like his jacket is in crisis
Rick____tocchet 5/17/2018 10:22:03 AM
He looks like shit. If he did half of what he was preaching on stage he wouldnt look like he was about to stroke out from high BP. Look at his face, looks like his head is about to explode. Jesus.
marching_band_rules 5/17/2018 10:30:03 AM
guy from acacia strain is not vegan
simon_belmonT 5/17/2018 10:40:48 AM
Is he actually still sXe? I figured he would have started acting like an adult by now.
marching_band_rules 5/17/2018 10:56:37 AM
i would imagine he's still straight edge. i interviewed him in 2009. very very nice guy.
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