Next trend in craft beer

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simon_belmonT 5/16/2018 4:52:19 PM
Microwaved beer. people will be talking about how refreshing a nice steaming hot Ale is
xander_christ 5/16/2018 4:56:28 PM
I just tried this with my Budweiser can beer and now u owe me a microwave.
loaf 5/16/2018 5:20:15 PM
Bone marrow infused pale ale
dayman 5/16/2018 5:35:14 PM
vintage flavored beer
bulletsofdusk 5/16/2018 5:37:20 PM
Bear Grylls's piss
cpt_howdy 5/16/2018 5:39:06 PM
its so good!
AnalButt 5/16/2018 5:40:27 PM
Alcohol Free
suicidebears 5/16/2018 5:40:41 PM
free range beer

the beer is poured onto a field and then recollected and poured into a glass
godfreyj0nes 5/16/2018 5:50:13 PM
Refurbished beer

beer has been collected out of old bottles, mixed with 100% pure Texas rainwater, transferred to a farmhouse, sent through some vintage barrels and old filters, then rebottled back into the old bottles.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are suing me as I type this.
vagisilcreem 5/16/2018 6:50:01 PM
Mars soil beer
dog_boner 5/16/2018 7:12:27 PM
Philistines use a microwave, I use an artisinal brick lined pizza oven
cpt_howdy 5/17/2018 7:13:24 PM
dumpster beer

going through trash outside of bars for expired beer
brad_marchand 5/17/2018 7:16:21 PM
fermented animal mess
XSHAT_CREWX 5/17/2018 7:46:29 PM
Beer slushies
easyhateoven 5/17/2018 8:02:09 PM
ball sweat aioli ipa
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