plumbing goats

shitinyourhand 5/16/2018 2:04:25 PM
yes thats right i said plumbing goats.

have you ever used sharkbite fittings and if so did they suck?
shitinyourhand 5/16/2018 2:07:39 PM
i'm putting in an outdoor shower up at the VT cabin so my kids don't track in shit everywhere before they come in the cabin this summer.

i'm gonna do all pex outdoors instead of copper
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:11:57 PM
Is that those ones that just snap together? They're good
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:13:12 PM
Put them on my kitchen sink
shitinyourhand 5/16/2018 2:17:22 PM
yep.. sweet.. no leaks ?
XSHAT_CREWX 5/16/2018 2:28:22 PM
Blub blub blub
godfreyj0nes 5/16/2018 2:33:13 PM
I used them on my hard gas line and I still get the occasional leak.
willy_wanker 5/16/2018 2:37:04 PM
sharkbites are not intended to be permanent
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 7:22:20 PM
You can use them permanently. Nothing bad will happen willy
dog_boner 5/16/2018 7:27:08 PM
I use pex tubing and sharkbites for all my plumbing. It wont freeze and break and holds up better than copper. The fittings are like 10 bucks a piece but its totally worth it for the convenience and quality. Never had one f*ck up.
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 7:28:48 PM
Yeah I'm not too worried about. Especially under a sink where it's not concealed