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amber 5/16/2018 1:55:56 PM
Terrible drug with deadening psychological effects, fronted by selfish brain dead junkies lacking in grey brain matter who love supporting murderous cartels, meanwhile vying for marijuana legislation while at the same time ensuring people who could benefit from CBD oil, marijuana minus the high, lack adequate treatment.

The immensely dangerous psychological effects are being ignored in favor of an overzealous recreational crowd. Increasing studies prove it's not harmless. Nor is there a way yet to detect this for people driving motor vehicles. Terrible recreational activity.
m00k 5/16/2018 1:57:26 PM
It's too strong for me these days.
m00k 5/16/2018 2:00:53 PM
But my Dr recommends I microdose pcp
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:10:19 PM
It's fun to smoke weed. Makes music sound cooler
amber 5/16/2018 2:12:30 PM
You like shitty music then. Listen to perturbator.
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:14:46 PM
I can't watch a movie unless I'm high as fck too. It's a real problem
dayman 5/16/2018 2:14:49 PM
calm down
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:17:03 PM
I think I have a marijuana addiction
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 2:19:35 PM
I dint even use too much really. Just a couple nibbles off some edibles and a few puffs off a joint once or twice a day. That's all you need
amber 5/16/2018 2:20:26 PM
Marijuana is the high i get from washing and feeding my child
wwjd 5/16/2018 2:42:37 PM
i think I smoke 3 grams a day
Rick____tocchet 5/16/2018 2:59:40 PM
You should run for office, sir.

Cause alcohol is legal and yet has NO medical benefits but instead all damaging side effects. But yet you are not making a statement on that. I know this might be a joke thread. But still... Bruh.
i_am_fuck 5/16/2018 3:20:53 PM
I fcking love it. But I think I might take a break until summer.
amber 5/16/2018 3:27:26 PM
I should run for office because then I can point out fallacies like the one you just created. It's pure deflection. Just because I'm against potentially one thing, doesn't automatically mean I think another is all right
amber 5/16/2018 3:28:40 PM
The true black lives matter movement would be a well-executed decriminalization of all drugs. That doesn't mean I can find it detestable and the rationalization for recreational use poor.
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