Favorite outdoor activities

amber 5/16/2018 11:40:40 AM
Checking the mail twice a month
Reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau indoors
bulletsofdusk 5/16/2018 11:44:35 AM
Taking walks
bulletsofdusk 5/16/2018 11:44:45 AM
Going to the store to buy delicious Red Bull
amber 5/16/2018 11:49:42 AM
Every third Saturday mom takes me to the pictures for some Red Vines and popcorn, and later a corn beef sandwich on poppy seed buns
wwjd 5/16/2018 1:07:29 PM
Smoking cigs
BULLetHEAD 5/16/2018 1:22:32 PM
People watching
XSHAT_CREWX 5/16/2018 2:21:45 PM
Getting drunk and high on shrooms and:
- go karts
- camping and trampling peoples tents like godzilla
- going into the dark woods with black metal blaring on headphones

Waving my dick in the wind
Just going for a long bike ride making stops for retail therapy and good coffee
Sitting on a patio downtown drinking good beer and yeah, people watching
truant_69 5/16/2018 2:44:57 PM
Pokémon Go
spaceghhost 5/16/2018 2:54:25 PM
-holding hands on the beach
easyhateoven 5/16/2018 3:19:54 PM
having sex
vagisilcreem 5/16/2018 3:20:24 PM
walking back inside
foulmouth 5/16/2018 3:25:46 PM
collecting eggs
bulletsofdusk 5/16/2018 3:28:01 PM
Searching for those pics, Jordo.
XSHAT_CREWX 5/16/2018 4:24:33 PM
- Getting lost in a strange town and passing out in some bushes
- outrunning store security
- meeting some strangers and going on some weird adventure
- selling molly/ecstasy at gay pride parades and molesting the straight girl fa ghags who came witheir gay friends

But seriously my most favorite is just drinking and walking around and eventually partying with people i just met and sometimes ending up in a one night stand

Or just driving around with beers in the cup holder drunk, blaring music
willy_wanker 5/16/2018 6:52:21 PM