Leave ESPN/Disney for UCSD?

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nothinlefttogive 4/16/2018 11:31:07 PM
In this case the UCSD healthcare would be better & cheaper. UC retirement would be much better on the pension (but frequently at risk), & not as good on the 401k. No idea about the salary yet (only educated guesses). I'm up to 4 weeks vacation next year (5 with carryover), wont ever get more than 15 @ UCSD. Also, free Disneyland/world + other fringe...tough comparison on benefits, both places are good in that way.
celine 4/17/2018 12:03:02 AM
For some reason, i doubt the UC system pension is as "at risk" as you keep mentioning, but i am also gay
celine 4/17/2018 12:04:01 AM
I just think that regardless of party, the govt will always expand and even bankrupt itself to pay pensions. But, like i said. Hella gay.
celine 4/17/2018 12:07:31 AM
Also, i mmight be biased but i lived in OC and SD and to be honest, OC is better but SD has more... things.
celine 4/17/2018 12:07:57 AM
So disney. But also, ucsd. Also

celine 4/17/2018 12:08:37 AM
End of the day, get that money bruv
nothinlefttogive 4/17/2018 12:19:16 AM
I thought about the whore approach, & I may go that route. One other thing to consider is that Disney will pay for most of my bachelor's @ UNH. The gift that keeps on giving...

As for UCRP/CalPERS...they've got issues. Disney's shit is always fully funded. The state of California's isn't, & hasn't been for some time...BUT, they seem to be aggressively working to correct that. Getting into that UC pension costs 7% of pay. It's company-paid @ Disney...I suppose that's more math I gotta do...figure that difference over a career...
celine 4/17/2018 12:44:22 AM
Its a tough call. I went to law school in sd. Its dope
celine 4/17/2018 12:45:19 AM
But I also spent many formative years at the Chain in anaheim
celine 4/17/2018 12:46:23 AM
OC and thus disney, has like everything ever. But at the UC its kinda more of a lifestyle approach

Its all the same, man. Go where youre happy

For me thats south orange county
nothinlefttogive 4/17/2018 7:43:50 AM
Got the call today. We'll see...

nothinlefttogive 4/17/2018 10:39:36 AM
UC's apparent lack of child bonding time might be a deal breaker (or a bargaining chip, depending).
julesitsjeni 4/17/2018 10:54:29 AM
I would move to San Diego, then you can have a front row seat when California sinks into the ocean
dayman 4/17/2018 11:01:14 AM
hurr hurr
earplugs 4/17/2018 11:05:31 AM
I would definitely leave CT for CA.
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