Do you guys watch old horror movies?

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spaceghhost 4/16/2018 10:30:44 AM
If so, what are you favorites??

Mine are

Dead and Buried
Alice Sweet Alice
Possession (1981)
The Brood
The Thing
easyhateoven 4/16/2018 10:39:36 AM
i used to watch the show, martin back in the 90s
spaceghhost 4/16/2018 10:53:18 AM
That was a pretty good show.
easyhateoven 4/16/2018 11:36:58 AM
obscure 4/16/2018 12:02:40 PM
the brain that wouldn't die
the burning
texas chainsaw 2

i usually stream off shudder or midnight pulp. also download the blu rays that scream factory has
AnalButt 4/16/2018 12:04:06 PM
Most Italian horror/giallo from 1965-1984.
spaceghhost 4/16/2018 12:11:39 PM
thats a good list of oddball stuff. Society is fcked up
mummified_circuitry 4/16/2018 12:29:52 PM
blood feast (have you ever had... an EGYPTIAN FEAST?!)
Hobbes 4/16/2018 2:45:21 PM
Martin is the 3rd best Romero behind night and dawn
dog_boner 4/16/2018 2:53:59 PM
dead alive just for the gore
Hobbes 4/16/2018 6:05:11 PM
I'm slightly drunk on the clock coming back from a job but I'll be loaded once I clock out and post because this thread is 100 me bait.
deadwithfear 4/16/2018 6:19:49 PM
I was waiting for Hobbes to waltz in, fully erect.
overpower_overcum 4/16/2018 7:30:17 PM
The Return of The Living Dead
An American Werewolf In London
foulmouth 4/16/2018 7:36:21 PM
watched the Gate the other night...
vagisilcreem 4/16/2018 7:37:07 PM
Guys. Horror movies were around before 1980
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