blackjack this sunday

nothinlefttogive 3/14/2018 10:48:01 AM
risking $1020. wish me luck.
ARCHITECTkills 3/14/2018 10:51:45 AM
on one hand?

you glorious bastard
easyhateoven 3/14/2018 10:52:48 AM
go get 'em, slugger
mummified_circuitry 3/14/2018 10:55:06 AM
martingale FTW
nothinlefttogive 3/14/2018 11:31:20 AM
no way. i want to savor it. will spread bets from $10 to $40 while attempting to count cards.
dayman 3/14/2018 11:36:36 AM
hell yeah bro, money
KlDCADAVER 3/14/2018 11:44:22 AM
i'll be in vegas from friday until tuesday. plan on spending a lot of time in the sportsbook for the first couple rounds of the tournament, but i'll be playing a bit as well.
nothinlefttogive 3/14/2018 11:51:05 AM
i will mostly try to generate money from blackjack to put into slot machines. double points & reward dollars :-)
Masturbate 3/14/2018 11:54:15 AM
nobody gives a shit you idiot
nothinlefttogive 3/14/2018 1:30:21 PM
BULLETHEAD 3/14/2018 1:33:48 PM
i don't get gambling
vagisilcreem 3/14/2018 1:37:51 PM
i give a shit about you, nothinglefttogive
vagisilcreem 3/14/2018 1:38:39 PM
BULLETHEAD 3/14/2018 1:33:48 PM
i don't get gambling

BULLETHEAD 3/14/2018 1:48:24 PM
it's boring
nothinlefttogive 3/14/2018 3:51:22 PM
you are a nice man, mr. creem