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xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:31:01 PM
Plus none of that factually unfounded nonsense matters since my parents are still married. And ed money still looks like an unshaply egg, and red jasmin is some bitch poster who kept bad notes on things. I win. You lose. Talk shit, quit forever.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:32:26 PM
Actually a meltdown is what d0thack had. But you're probably d0thack. If not, you're about as smart, and if you keep f*cking around I'll make sure the same kinda breakdown happens to you, but I won't be nice and even if I'm 40 I'll make sure I push you to kill yourself when I have the chance, like I did with d0thack to say : just gtfo. Ok? :)
Red_Jasmine 3/13/2018 3:34:36 PM
Severe meltdown imminent. Xander is obviously unemployed.. Prob still has the ankle bracelet and pizza boxes stocked.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:37:32 PM
Acshually installed a new hot water heater early today. Again, you're off the mark. Know you can't read otherwise you'd see those paragraphs are just debunking your shit so everyone knows you're a bitter loser gimmick. See, your game is weak. Like you. Delete yourself from earth before your obsession with this board leads you to a fall, where I'll be waiting to push you off the earth realm into the gates of suicide.
easyhateoven 3/13/2018 3:38:14 PM
easyhateoven 3/13/2018 3:38:44 PM
the sliced remark was toward red_jasmine ripping xander apart.
Red_Jasmine 3/13/2018 3:39:16 PM
You cried in front of a judge, bitch.
Red_Jasmine 3/13/2018 3:40:20 PM
Lol easyhate, its just too easy.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:43:06 PM
Yeah, except there were stenographers, lawyers, judges present that saw I stated my side and sat down. And said thank you at the end. but again, nice try, gimmick cry baby.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:43:40 PM
It's too easy when you're making up baseless shit, huh? Like I could say you're ed money.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:44:28 PM
Making up shit is what weak little egg shaped racists do, tho.
Red_Jasmine 3/13/2018 3:44:30 PM
Xander, you come from a weak gene pool. Not your fault. Dont cry again.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:45:32 PM
I'm taller, faster, stronger, and smarter than you. I threatened to perform a mass shooting and got two years of probation. You would be in prison for another 13 yearsbecause you're ugly, stupid, fat and ugly. Facts are facts, buddy.
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:46:32 PM
People look at me and say "there's no way this actor, model, god amongst men should have to pay for what he does".
xander_christ 3/13/2018 3:47:13 PM
People look at you and say "ew... give me your money and be quick about it"
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