If lambgoat had a fest

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chicken_gang_bang 3/13/2018 1:32:10 AM
How bad would it suck? King 810 headliner
themoustachemassacre 3/13/2018 1:36:44 AM
Would just be Lye By Mistake and Girls Who Run.
chicken_gang_bang 3/13/2018 1:47:05 AM
That would only half suck
spaceghhost 3/13/2018 9:08:30 AM
poison the well would headline.
Rick____tocchet 3/13/2018 9:18:59 AM
Gay orgy for the m0sh
simon_belmonT 3/13/2018 9:20:26 AM
girls who run would just be that goofball screaming over tracks played on a discman run through the PA
suicidebears 3/13/2018 9:50:37 AM
so pretty much a DJ set
ARCHITECTkills 3/13/2018 9:57:51 AM
prolly get cancelled..
suicidebears 3/13/2018 10:02:42 AM
and everyone would get refunds!!!!!! #GOTEEEMMMMM
ARCHITECTkills 3/13/2018 10:27:16 AM
wee_bastid 3/13/2018 10:28:08 AM
webmaster would censor breakdowns and moshing would result in immediate arrest
wee_bastid 3/13/2018 10:30:06 AM
lg merch table would be empty
easyhateoven 3/13/2018 10:41:55 AM
trind would go on a killing spree
celine 3/13/2018 10:55:07 AM
Lol thread till buzzsaw nosedived
dog_boner 3/13/2018 12:43:43 PM
lye by mistake playing for the employees of the venue

Egg-centric buffet

Mouthwash tasting hosted by shat

Free childcare provided by trind and fingerpainting with slk
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