Happy Valenslimes Day

virus_dot_exe 2/14/2018 12:14:20 PM
Thank you!
bulletsofdusk 2/14/2018 12:18:38 PM
Have you found someone to gay with?
virus_dot_exe 2/14/2018 12:19:35 PM
not yet unfortunately. i mean i have my wife, but wheres the penis am i right fellas?
bulletsofdusk 2/14/2018 12:22:07 PM
BULLETHEAD 2/14/2018 12:35:00 PM
how was Family Day?
virus_dot_exe 2/14/2018 12:36:26 PM
it was okay, i kinda just jacked off a lot and did chores and then got drunk with my dog. normal family stuff.
xander_christ 2/14/2018 12:41:24 PM
U n ur dog need a hobby lol haha.
BULLETHEAD 2/14/2018 12:42:06 PM
you jacked off your dog? that's sick stuff
xander_christ 2/14/2018 12:45:08 PM
No, dude, he and his dog drank beer after he jerked off. The dog may have been jerking off somewhere else simultaneously, but I'm not guessing as a planned bestial family activity.
bulletsofdusk 2/14/2018 12:46:51 PM
the f*ck outta here
foulmouth 2/14/2018 12:59:28 PM
how many eggs did you get your love today?

if you didn't say all of them!, you did it wrong...
xander_christ 2/14/2018 1:06:14 PM
Is today eggday?