carveyournamein 2/13/2018 9:51:11 PM
I'm going to stop inviting you to watch my broadcasts
amber 2/13/2018 9:51:48 PM
I don't got time to watch you play DayZ
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 9:55:18 PM
kort 2/13/2018 10:17:45 PM
yeah corve, he's busy mailing pictures of his c-ck in a chastity belt to celebrities
carveyournamein 2/13/2018 10:19:03 PM
Shut the fck up
kort 2/13/2018 10:21:45 PM
corveyboi, dont make daddy take away your pizza bagel
amber 2/13/2018 10:24:01 PM
Eat shit, kort.
Jemenez_Cricket 2/13/2018 10:25:34 PM
kort sucks
kort 2/13/2018 10:34:14 PM
shriveled c-ck in a metal cage!!! *whistles*
Jemenez_Cricket 2/13/2018 10:35:19 PM
so many years of unfunny stuff from you