willy_wanker 2/13/2018 8:06:10 PM
really the only current heavy metal band with a chick vocalsist/guitarist worth a damn
webmaster 2/13/2018 8:35:57 PM
that band is still together?
barbara 2/13/2018 8:41:51 PM
kittie opening for arch enemy
willy_wanker 2/13/2018 8:49:19 PM
webmaster 2/13/2018 8:35:57 PM
that band is still together?

BULLethead 2/13/2018 8:50:26 PM
Thats probably not accurate
willy_wanker 2/13/2018 8:51:46 PM
it is accurate. i read it on their website
BULLethead 2/13/2018 8:56:13 PM
Ever hear Vastum?
willy_wanker 2/13/2018 9:02:10 PM
BULLethead 2/13/2018 9:03:07 PM
Well I've never heard juiceifer
BULLethead 2/13/2018 9:04:37 PM
Have I?
willy_wanker 2/13/2018 9:09:56 PM
how the fluck would i know
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 9:23:45 PM
i saw them once. i thouhht the whole hundred amilifer bullshit was just a publicity stunt thing. whtever. i like dido.
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 9:25:36 PM
theres some typos but i was at the bar hanging with an atf agent and he liked parliament so i thnk my post is pretty ok even though im pretty drunk
BULLETHEAD 2/13/2018 11:41:20 PM
You're really starting to turn into a weird drunk guy. Nice