Button down collared shirts

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truant_69 2/13/2018 4:14:47 PM
Do you button down or not?

Personal opinion is this obviously looks bad with a tie and is a no go with a v-neck. However, with a round-neck it can be acceptable.

Looks better with a checked shirt but is an obvious wrong move with a short sleeve.

What do you think?
xander_christ 2/13/2018 4:16:33 PM
Depends. In the summer I'll wear a button down 3/4s buttoned with no undershirt. I like wearing round neck shirts, so usually I button to the neck if there's a tie involved. No tie, it's maybe 4/5s buttoned.
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 4:18:09 PM
i only wear rompers now
xander_christ 2/13/2018 4:23:32 PM
Here's me
truant_69 2/13/2018 4:25:10 PM
Are we all talking about button down collars? Not sure how fractions come in to this.
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 4:27:53 PM
suicidebears 2/13/2018 4:31:14 PM
if the collar has buttons, i button, but i also never wear ties and have a very casual dress code
xander_christ 2/13/2018 4:31:53 PM
truant_69 2/13/2018 4:25:10 PM
Are we all talking about button down collars? Not sure how fractions come in to this.

Oh you're talking about polo styled button up collard shirts? I guess, in general terms I'm talking about dress shirts. Buttoning them either up to the chest which is like 3/4 or or to like the bottom of the neck which is 4/5
suicidebears 2/13/2018 4:33:40 PM
oh, and i agree with your assessment about pairing it with a jumper -- v-neck => unbuttoned, round-neck => buttoned
simon_belmonT 2/13/2018 4:35:10 PM
i just wear a "can't sleep, clowns will eat me" t shirt everyday
suicidebears 2/13/2018 4:36:12 PM
that's fine if you work at gadzook's or zumiez, but spencer's gifts employees are held to a higher standard
xander_christ 2/13/2018 4:39:33 PM
I don't even have to wear button up shirts but I choose to because then all the moms that are already like omg how do u fix this stuff it's so complex are like omg and you have a nice shirt on and I'm like yeah baby. Then I skate faf into a horse cop.
truant_69 2/13/2018 4:42:50 PM
To avoid any confusion I just meant "dress" shirts, and I reinforce the " ", that have button down collars.
xander_christ 2/13/2018 4:45:16 PM
Oh, yeah, so if it's like a long, full sleeved dress shirt, I stand by my fractions. Like in the summer, I'll have all but a quarter of the buttons buttoned, and the unbuttoned buttons would be unbuttoned at mid pec level. Buttons.

I get your v-neck choice in terms of unbuttoned, solid.
truant_69 2/13/2018 4:50:22 PM
Fair play Xander, you've introduced more informal situations in to the discussion. That wasn't my original intention but I should've been more specific and welcome the diversification.

Not much call for an open shirt in the uk but a slash neck under an open buttoned flannel can be good.
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