The California fires

simon_belmonT 12/7/2017 2:09:11 PM
Has anyone tried putting them out with water yet?
BULLETHEAD 12/7/2017 2:10:44 PM
i think i caused it with one of my cigarettes. don't tell anyone
SIMI 12/7/2017 2:17:41 PM
foulmouth 12/7/2017 2:43:33 PM
I bet the California Raisins could do something, if they had Marlon Brando's eyes...
willy_wanker 12/7/2017 2:58:00 PM
simon phillips lost his house in those fires while he was on stage at the iridium in nyc. i was at the show
easyhateoven 12/7/2017 3:13:02 PM
Reminds me of Idea of Beauty - Hotter Than A California Fire

Good song.
VINCE 12/7/2017 3:27:55 PM
I went to CA once. It was pretty cool.
ARCHITECTkills 12/7/2017 3:51:24 PM
its like there is a whole ocean there, just do a bucket brigade and knock that shit out quick

where is Eddie_Dennis when you need him?
Rick____tocchet 12/7/2017 3:55:24 PM
Maybe they should make fires illegal in california and shit like this wouldnt happen???
VINCE 12/7/2017 3:56:00 PM
All they need to do is enable their firewall, duh
chicken_gang_bang 12/7/2017 4:32:43 PM
Burn the whole state down and everyone in it