i think i just fun harassed

zordy 11/11/2017 12:16:53 PM
ok i saw this girl and we made eye contact and i smiled for a second????im really concerned this is gonna bite me in the ass later i f*kked up big time
zordy 11/11/2017 12:17:32 PM
in the year 2032 this woman is going to expose me for the f*kkn pervert that i am wtf my career is over
bulletsofdusk 11/11/2017 12:17:57 PM
You'll be an outcast for the rest of your life. You have ONE chance at redeeming yourself, and that is by cutting off your balls and presenting them to her in a lavender scented gift box.
zordy 11/11/2017 12:19:22 PM
its the least i can do for being such a demented predator who just goes around smiling at women god damn im a monster
bulletsofdusk 11/11/2017 12:20:09 PM
I feel ya, bro. I might be guilty of this crime too.
zordy 11/11/2017 12:21:22 PM
the possible suggestive sexual ramifications of these smiles have caused nightmares i will never understand as a man ok i deserve the death penalty
bulletsofdusk 11/11/2017 12:23:42 PM
As a powerful man, you really didn't give those women a choice.
zordy 11/11/2017 12:26:32 PM
i abused my position of power to bring these unwanted smiles into their lives and now in an apologetic gesture of solidarity i am going to tape my mouth shut every time i leave the house to protect women across america from my sexual predatory nature
bulletsofdusk 11/11/2017 12:28:16 PM
At least you have the balls to show you have no balls.
zordy 11/11/2017 12:29:29 PM
it doesnt even come close to the bravery exhibited by women across the globe everyday struggling to survive in a world where men just walk around showing their teeth to them like its no big deal
bulletsofdusk 11/11/2017 12:30:47 PM
It's truly horrific. What hashtag to you suggest we use?

#castrateallmenrightthef*c know