im watching every Best Picture Oscar winner

BULLEThead 9/13/2017 9:16:10 PM
You bet i am
simon_belmonT 9/13/2017 9:16:38 PM
At the same time?
BULLEThead 9/13/2017 9:17:04 PM
Ever seen The French Connection?
simon_belmonT 9/13/2017 9:17:55 PM
Ever seen the French connection on weed?
BULLEThead 9/13/2017 9:18:59 PM
Theres no way movies from the 30s are good. They didn't know shit back then
simon_belmonT 9/13/2017 9:21:49 PM
I like the one with marlon Brando where he's like "I coulda been a contender "
BULLEThead 9/13/2017 9:22:37 PM
Thats ferris bueller