These new converge songs

marching_band_rules 8/17/2017 11:57:51 PM
You guys really think this is terrible? The latest one sounds like old stuff. They've worn out their welcome but this is absolutely not bad.
Jemenez_Cricket 8/18/2017 12:12:12 AM
Only heard that one Under Duress and all I thought was it sounded like Unsane. Not bad sounding at all. However I find the new album title to be quite lame
themoustachemassacre 8/18/2017 12:33:34 AM
The one song I've heard isn't bad.
conduit 8/18/2017 5:08:32 AM
Hopefully the album isn't 75% D-beat
easyhateoven 8/18/2017 7:16:45 AM
They're ok; not great. The album name and font are pretty awful though. This might be their worst album, but it would be pretty average if another band did it who wasn't Converge. I guess I had higher expectations, especially since it took 5 years to come up with this shit.
arty_mcfarty 8/18/2017 7:59:38 AM
It seems like a caricature of older Converge. Seems like they just aren't really into it anymore
timelordtwo 8/18/2017 9:36:28 AM
it's not bad.
marching_band_rules 8/18/2017 10:04:26 AM
i agree with everyone. i'm sick of the d-beat, and also this isn't great and does sound somewhat like a caricature. i wonder if they're at the point though where they couldn't kill it again if they tried. their template has become so expected that it's hard to get truly excited. that said, this latest one i did really like, and the krazy one sounds like other songs but i dug it too.