bought a bunch of natto

BULLEThead 8/14/2017 9:46:26 AM
At the asian store. Supposed to be really good for you. It tastes like fcking shit
BULLEThead 8/14/2017 9:47:20 AM
Fermented soybeans. Trying to work on my gut flora
simoN_belmont 8/14/2017 9:54:19 AM
BULLEThead 8/14/2017 9:55:57 AM
Hows your guts doing?
simoN_belmont 8/14/2017 9:56:40 AM
Very bad
wwjd 8/14/2017 10:45:40 AM
Mix it with hot sauce
virus_dot_exe 8/14/2017 11:49:32 AM
this stuff tastes like complete dogshit
dog_boner 8/14/2017 1:05:37 PM
I've worked at a couple plants that extract oil from soybeans. decomposing soybeans smell like straight up death
BULLEThead 8/14/2017 1:15:19 PM
No more beers for me. Too much sugar. Just black coffee and gin for me. If past experiences are any indication this health kick should last beteeen 3 and 17 days
BULLEThead 8/14/2017 1:17:53 PM
Gotta get in shape for the big eclipse