calling the law on your old widow neighbor

dog_boner 7/17/2017 5:42:31 PM
didn't think it would have gone down like it did, but whatever.

i live next to an old widowed lady that spends all her time gardening, she has told me before that she hates squirrels and birds messing up her plants. Coincidentally, dozens of dead animals have been showing up in my backyard this year, and I've had to put down quite a few poisoned convulsing animals myself. My gf has been bitching for a while, and naturally, I don't want to cut off a squirrels head every day. Plus, I have two dogs that are at risk of being poisoned now. And it happened again this morning, I had to kill 2 fcked up squirrels. So I said fck it and called animal control to see what could be done.

I explained my situation and that I was suspicious of my neighbor. they immediately sent two cops to my house, and animal control arrived shortly thereafter. They questioned my neighbor, who promptly started bawling and babbling. Don't care if anything happened to her, I know she was shitting her pants. Showed that stupid old lady.
chicken_gang_bang 7/17/2017 6:20:12 PM
Be a good boy and tap that ass