had to punch my dad in the face

seriousloser 7/16/2017 12:27:24 PM
He came home early because he saw the pending charges in his credit card, then he took the keys to my car and told me if I wanted my keys back I needed to get him his money back. Then he tried to slap me, but I ducked at the right time and made it out of the house and down the block.
dog_boner 7/16/2017 1:19:47 PM
man sounds like you really beat the shit outta him
seriousloser 7/16/2017 1:37:32 PM
Oh shit I didn't realize I left out the last part.

Anyways I come back home after a while cause I see his car is gone. I roll in and try to think of a plan to get him His money. I have nearly no possessions at this point, so selling stuff is out of the question, so I grab some old golf gear from the basement that somehow made the move with them and start taking that out to the car. He hasn't golfed in years, he wouldn't notice. Just then I see my dad rolling up and I freak and drop the clubs. He starts yelling at me and I flip and just rush him and sock him in the face. Knocked his old ass down. I run to my car and speed off and now I'm sitting about 30 miles out of town trying to figure out what to do because if I go back home I'm almost positive my dad will call the cops on me.
amber 7/16/2017 1:40:23 PM
How old are you
seriousloser 7/16/2017 1:40:44 PM
seriousloser 7/16/2017 1:44:26 PM
My mind sort of went blank when I saw him and just acted on its own. I didn't want to hit him. I'm not sure what happened. I just freaked. I'm even more freaked out now. My mom called me nearly 10 times and I can't answer. I've been hyperventilating almost non stop and on the ride out of town I felt like I was gonna block out. Chest and face got all tingly and numb. Hands froze up on the wheel. I started saying stuff out loud because I was freaking out but I could barely speak.
BULLETHEAD 7/16/2017 1:45:20 PM
sounds pretty rough
weirdo 7/16/2017 1:55:51 PM
you should channel all that frustration and anxiety on fighting in the octagon. it already helped with dropping the old man to get out of a sticky situation so obviously you got some talent. you could possibly become the next conor mcgregor.
seriousloser 7/16/2017 2:07:02 PM
Not sure what to do here.

He just called and left me a voice mail that pretty much said that if I come home we can handle it like grown men and just leave it at that, or I can continue to hide and I'm pretty much cut out of their life all together.

I'm worried that he'll never forget about this. We've never really been on the same page, so this could have been the last straw.
seriousloser 7/16/2017 2:08:03 PM
And as far as trying MMA, I've considered it, but it's hard for me to stick to a routine when working out and I get easily winded. So for now that's out of the question.
d0thack 7/16/2017 2:48:12 PM
mummified_circuitry 7/16/2017 5:11:01 PM
You are a dirtbag!Go back and apologize and figure out how to pay him back. WTF is wrong with you? You are a grown adult man. Shame on you
seriousloser 7/17/2017 12:06:57 PM
I went back. My dads face is just wrecked and when he fell he caught himself, but now his wrist and his hands are swollen and he could barely get his own shirt on. I feel awful. I didn't think I punched him that hard.
earthpart20 7/17/2017 7:47:45 PM
time to leave the nest ya bum